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Thursday, 11 June 2020

KIKO Spring 2020 Tuscan Sunshine Collection

Italian cosmetics brand KIKO’s Spring 2020 Tuscan Sunshine Collection is dedicated to the colors and atmosphere of the beautiful Tuscany!

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KIKO takes us to Tuscany with a spring makeup collection full of sunshine and glow. The collection was inspired by the beautiful colors of the villages and hills in the region this season. To add to the atmosphere, the products in the collection come accompanied by floral scents.
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All the products in the collection are characterized by a practical and useful format, perfect for carrying in a bag or suitcase when traveling on vacation outside the city. The products also come in pink-orange packaging, which is irresistible.

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Tuscan Sunshine Eyeshadow Palette

A small eyeshadow palette, featuring six shades of matte or metallic finish, characterized by a texture that ensures perfect lashing with saturated pigment and shimmering tint. The shadows are easily blurry and are offered in two harmonic tones.

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Tuscan Escape palette

  • Venus - cold dark brown
  • Florence - medium taupe brown
  • Renaissance - apricot color
  • Giotto - bright gold
  • Art - very light pink with silver reflections
  • David - white inspired by Michelangelo's David marble
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Spring Awake palette
  • Siena - dark Siena color
  • Valley - medium pink, warm
  • Sculpture - warm earthy brown
  • Etruria - brilliant gold color
  • Liberty - very light and bright pink
  • Blossom - nude pink

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Tuscan Sunshine Primer Mascara

Ceramic textured eyelash primer enriched with natural and synthetic wax and promises to give the eyelashes a more defined and thickened appearance. Also, the primer prepares the lashes for the mascara that will be placed over it and protects them.

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Tuscan Sunshine 3 In 1 Mascara

Mascara 3 in 1, comes with a double applicator designed to give the lashes a panoramic look. The elastic texture is very easy to disperse thanks to the two different brushes. You can use each applicator individually or combine them both for a more dramatic look.

Tuscan Sunshine Eyebrow Duo

Product for eyebrow shaping that combines on one side a thin-pencil crayon and on the other with a soft-edged marker for filling and drawing the eyebrow.

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  • Light Blonde - ideal for light eyebrows with an ash undertone
  • Redheads - for coppery and red eyebrows
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  • Brown - for brown and brown eyebrows
  • Brunette - for black or brown eyebrows with a cold undertone

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Tuscan Sunshine Nourishing Lip Oil

Transparent, nourishing, and nourishing lip oil with a delicate floral scent. Its formula is enriched with macrophage extracts and flower of the Maccabees and is ornate with petals.

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Tuscan Sunshine 3 In 1 All Over Stick

A versatile stick that allows you to create full makeup. The stick's formula blurs and blends easily and its cover is buildableIt can be used to add a touch of color to the lips, eyelids, and cheeks

  • The Birth of Venus - light peach brown
  • Mona Lisa Smile - nude rosewood
  • Lady of the Stars - intense and warm nude pink

Tuscan Sunshine Shiny Lip Stylo Lipstick

A glowy ceramic lipstick with the wet look effect. The lipstick offers an intense shade with subtle sheen and a delicate jasmine scent.

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  • Volterra Hills - nude pink
  • Renaissance Culture - mauve pink
  • Flowers Field - poppy red

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  • Damask Red - intense and full red
  • Romantic View - dark pink
  • Country of Wine - purplish red inspired by the famous Tuscan wines

Tuscan Sunshine Holographic Effect Lip Gloss

Lipgloss is enriched with jojoba oil, which leaves the lips soft and velvety. Its texture is smooth and not sticky and has a glowing finish with a holographic effect. Its formula is enriched with tiny pearls that reflect light and is saturated with pigment.

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  • Alabaster Sculpture - ice white with pink reflections
  • Innovative Artist - coral pink with golden reflections
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  • Carrara Marble - magenta color
  • Italian Attitude - intense red with golden reflections

Tuscan Sunshine Luminous Foundation

Make-up offering medium coverage in satin finish. Its liquid texture blends in immediately with the skin leaving it soft and velvety. The make-up comes in convenient and convenient handset packaging.

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  • Ivory - suitable for very light skin with a yellow undertone
  • Porcelain - suitable for very light skin with a pink undertone
  • Light Beige - suitable for light skin with a neutral undertone
  • Honey - suitable for light-medium skin with a yellow undertone
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  • Almond - suitable for medium leathers with a yellow undertone
  • Caramel - ideal for medium-dark skin with a yellow undertone
  • Hazelnut - suitable for dark skin with a neutral undertone
  • Cocoa - ideal for very dark skin

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Tuscan Sunshine Perfecting Powder

Translucent powder with light texture and natural radiant finish. Its innovative formula contains luminous particles that make the skin look perfect, blur blemishes, and set the makeup on for a long time. The powder is also used for touch-up during the day and comes with a built-in look, which makes it comfortable to carry in your bag.

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Tuscan Sunshine Radiant Bronzer

A bronzer that gives a tan and warm look to the skin with a velvety and radiant finish thanks to the pearly pigments containing its formula. The bronzer comes with a floral relief and a pleasant lily scent.

  • Sweet Honey - suitable for light-medium complexions with a yellow undertone
  • Wild Sienna - suitable for light and medium complexions with a pink undertone

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Tuscan Sunshine Blush

Lightweight two-tone blush with radiant finish, blends, and blurs easily, giving a velvety finish to the skin. The blush comes with a floral relief and a subtle aroma of iris.

  • Florence Dream - from intense peach pink to gold
  • Tuscan Iris - from pinkish brown to apricot
  • Square of Miracles - from dark pink with wood undertone to pink

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Tuscan Sunshine Face Palette

Faceplate containing 2 highlighter and 2 flushes in matt and shimmer finish. The texture of the powders is light but pigmented and can be easily blurred and built. Inside braces you can find useful tips for creating perfect illuminations and shadows.

  • Golden View - champagne-colored highlighter, shimmer
  • Gioconda - lighter powder pink with silvery reflections, shimmer
  • Positive Attitude - rosewood blush, matt
  • Sunrise - pink coral blush, shimmer

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Tuscan Sunshine Nail Lacquer

Pigment rich polishes with glossy finish. Their formula is enriched with pearls that reflect light and reddish scent. The nail polish brush is rounded and has long fibres to ensure easy and perfect smelling according to the nail shape.

  • Limitless Vineyard - very dark red
  • Pindaric Flight - baby pink
  • Allegory of Spring - vinous burgundy
  • Enchanting Landscape - steel grey

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Tuscan Sunshine Transforming Face Cleanser

Facial cleansing lotion, which promises to give skin softness and freshness. Its oily texture becomes an emulsion in contact with the water and has a gentle aroma of iris Suitable for morning and evening use.

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Tuscan Sunshine Exfoliating Face Scrub

Gentle exfoliation with a delicate floral aroma, enriched with olive oil extracts and grape seed oil. Its gel texture is designed to cleanse the skin easily and quickly and leave it soft and fresh.

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Tuscan Sunshine Gel to Water Face Cream

Iris scented moisturizing light cream, rich in nutritious and soothing ingredients, including hyaluronic acid and olive oil and grape seed oil.Its texture is a water-rich gel, so it absorbs quickly into the skin leaving it velvety and smooth to the touch.

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Photos credited to KIKO Milano Cosmetics
& edited by Your Beauty Gossip

Tuscan Sunshine 2 In 1 Brush

Double-sided brush designed for use with liquid and powdery products. The brush is equipped with synthetic fibres that guarantee maximum softness. The oblique end side is designed for use with liquid and ceramic textures, while the other side is in the shape of a flower ideal for laying and blurring powdery products.

The collection is available worldwide online here

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