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Friday, 26 June 2020

Givenchy Summer 2020 Le Rose Perfecto Liquid

Givenchy Summer 2020 Le Rose Perfecto Liquid is a liquid lip balm that gives lip care benefits with a light, rich shine and fuller look.

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Givenchy Le Rose Perfecto Lip Balm is a lip balm in ceramic texture, which embodied the perfect combination of lip care and color. Launched almost a year ago gives the lips color, enriching them with moisture. The product has become the best seller for the brand, and it now Givenchy offers a liquid version of the popular lip balm.

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Like the ceramic lip balm, the Le Rose Perfecto Liquid formula includes loads of moisture and nutrients. Its liquid texture glides on the lips, coating them with color and giving them a full, apple look. According to the brand, the moisturizing effect lasts up to 8 hours, so the lips remain fresh and beautiful in any situation.

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The new Le Rose Perfecto Liquid lip balm is available in 9 different shades, from subtle shades of tone, which enhance the natural tint of the lips, to more noticeable shades:

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  • Perfect Pink-   a pinkish hue that varies with pH (Acidity) of the user's lips
  • Perfect Nude - pearl white
  • Nude Soul - nude pink

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  • Nude Chill - natural beige
  • Woody Red - red brown
  • Berry Break -reddish purple

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  • Solar Pink - pink peach
  • Free Red - bright bluish red
  • Vital Glow - soft orange

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Photos credited to the House Givenchy

The liquid balm lip comes in couture packaging, as befits the Givenchy house, which combines a transparent vial through which you can see the hue it contains, along with a pink leather wrapped lid and the brand name. It is also equipped with a spongy applicator, which allows the material to be applied easily and lightly on the lips.

Givenchy Le Rose Perfecto Liquid is available at Givenchy counters and online here.

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