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Thursday, 25 June 2020

The Rise of C-Beauty

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C-Beauty (Chinese Beauty) or better (China Beauty) was always considered and known for producing ‘copycat’ versions of premium international products. Why? Because they were what most consumers relied upon when they couldn’t afford the international luxury brands, which are approximately tripled the price.

In the past, many of China’s local beauty brands established themselves as affordable alternatives for consumers who couldn’t afford the original thing and consumers were paying for C-beautys use — not its brand value, most consumers will still think of C-beauty as cheap, inferior branding lacking in distinction, but 2020 will see C-beauty brands gain popularity and their reputation change from a cheap alternative to an industry trendsetter.

JKC Beauty / Your Beauty Gossip

China has a long historical tradition of developing beauty treatments from natural herbs and oils, rice water and powdered pearls. While Chinese women have gradually shifted to modern cosmetics, they have maintained a high degree of sophistication in their skincare habits and this is why C-beauty brands are going back to their herbal roots and harnessing more than 2000 years’ worth of history with Traditional Chinese Medicine combined with modern science.

China, is actually home to some of the most ancient beauty rituals with surprising skincare benefits from facial massage to herbal teas and thanks to rising demands Millennials (Generation Y, age group of 20-35) and Gen Z’s (Generation Z, age group of 20 and under) C-beauty is transforming into a powerhouse of cool brands that embody the spirit of contemporary China.

JKC Beauty / Your Beauty Gossip

Sure just take a look at Chinese Empresses of the past. In a time when the life expectancy was in the region of 50, Empress Dowager enjoyed longevity of 74 years and didn’t look a day over 30 according to first-hand accounts. Her skin was "tender and smooth, as fair as that of a young lady," her maid Der Ling recorded in one of her texts. In fact, there are numerous historical records of Empresses and Concubines having flawless skin akin to that of a much younger woman.

Wellness and beauty are one and the same, and C-beauty is built around this philosophy. Many C-beauty brands have been in operation for decades, utilizing a deep knowledge and understanding of health, beauty, and happiness. It's an exciting time as we enter a new era of skincare, inspired by the past and adopted in modern times.

What are your thoughts on C-Beauty, do you think we will ever loss the misconception that it is all just mass production of copycat products of well-known brands or is there a place in the beauty market for Chinese cosmetics brands?

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