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Friday, 1 May 2020

Essence Spring/Summer 2020 Collection

Restyle your eye makeup, perfect your lips and create flawless skin with the Essence Spring/Summer 2020 collection!

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Budge friendly German brand essence focus on convenient use to create trendy, feminine and simple makeup. Incidentally, the collection also contains perfect manicure nail products with well-groomed hands thanks to herbal-enriched formulas.

Your Beauty Gossip

Your Beauty Gossip

Witch Side Eyeshadow Palette

A silhouette palette, featuring 15 shades of different finishes, perfect for creating a daily makeup look or for an evening .Braces were inspired by the magical world of the good witches and their mysterious spells  The shades in the palette come in a buttery or metallic matte finish, with the range of shades ranging from brown and pink to darker shades like blue, burgundy and coffee. Their texture ensures comfort and softness on the eyelid with uniform and full coverage.

Your Beauty Gossip
 Your Beauty Gossip

Hello Berlin Eyeshadow Palette

A silhouette poster inspired by the German capital Berlin. Braces joins the brand of braces, dedicated to various cities around the world. The new braces feature nine stylish and pigmented shades that reflect the street styles and vibrant art of the German capital. With rich, dark shades of green, black and brown, along with metallic shades of gold, light pink and peach, and shades of matt finish, the range of options for trendy makeup looks is limitless!

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The Edition Eye Palette

A series of practical and perfect pallets to carry in your makeup bag thanks to their minimal packaging. Each bracket features 9 silhouettes that ensure a silky texture along with high performance in terms of rich pigment and blur capability. The shadows come in a buttery or shimmery finish and allow for a variety of makeup looks. The collection offers two different plates:
  • The NUDE Edition - pink and brown beige shades
  • The ROSE Edition - light pink and dark shades

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Sprinkled Chrome Eyeshadow

Single eyeshadows designed to give a strong and unusual sheen with a metallic finish, thanks to the formula rich in extremely glowing particles.The velvety texture of the silhouettes ensures a light and comfortable blur and saturated pigment with multi-dimensional sheen.The collection offers three different shades:
  • Venus - gilt bronze
  • Mercury - silver grey
  • Mars - pink red

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24Ever Ink Liner

Bright black tinted eyeliner and matte finish. The thin-lined eyeliner allows easy and precise drawing. Its formula lasts up to 24 hours and is equipped with an ergonomic handle for comfortable and stable grip.

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Maximum Definition Waterproof Mascara

Mascara designed to give eyelashes maximum volume and setting, thanks to its ultra-flexible applicator, which manages to capture any eyelash and eyelash. The mascara formula offers an elastic and creamy texture, ensuring long-lasting moisture and sweat conditions. The mascara comes in black.

Bye Bye Panda Eyes! Mascara

Formula mascara that does not apply or crumble in any situation. It also gives the eyelashes a significant volume and a shade of black. Importantly, its formula is made up of vegetarian ingredients and is completely fat free. Although the mascara is durable, it is easy to remove with hot water only.

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Lashes To Impress False Eyelashes

Perfect eyelashes for anyone who wants to achieve a sexy eye look. The lashes are easy to put down and the adhesive and packaging also includes dedicated glue.

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Coconut Kiss Lip Peeling

Lip exfoliation with a formula based on micronized sugar crystals and coconut particles combined with 10% almond oil, which gives moisture and flexibility to the lips. Also, the product has an irresistible exotic fragrance.

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Fruit Kiss Lip Balm

Lip balm with a subtle natural tint and a sweet red fruit scent, enriched with 10% almond oil which gives moisture and high nourishment to the lips. The collection contains 3 different shades, which come with a shimmery finish:
  • Raspberry Dream - light pink with raspberry aroma
  • Cherry Love - bright pink with cherry aroma
  • Strawberry Kiss - pink red with strawberry fragrance

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Stay 8H Matte Liquid Lipstick

Liquid lipstick with velvety matte finish and durability up to 8 hours. The lipstick gives the lips a soft and supple feeling and is available in 9 different shades.

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My Skin Perfector Tinted Primer

Light and airy primer like light tinted mousse, designed to blemish skin imperfections and give it a matte finish. The primer can be used alone with another make-up. The primer is available in 3 different shades, suitable for light or medium skin tones.

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My Skin Perfector Loose Fixing Powder

Bulk powder designed to give the skin a uniform and matte finish. The powder reduces the appearance of pores and secretion of sebum, it can be used alone for super-natural effect or for fixation of makeup. The powder is available in 2 different shades:
  • Light - for very light skin
  • Nude - for light to medium skin

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Choose Your Glow Highlighter Palette

A bracket that includes 3 highlighters in different shades of silky texture to create a multi-dimensional glow. The bracket is equipped with a built-in mirror, so it can be used comfortably anywhere and anytime.

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Blush Lighter

A product that blends matte blush and shimmery highlighter into one that can blend perfectly into one another. The product is offered in 4 different shade combinations:
  • Nude Twilight - pink-golden brown
  • Coral Sunset - silvery coral
  • Cassis Sunburst - cherry red - silver
  • Peachy Dawn - peach - light gold

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Nail & Cuticle Cream

Nourishing cream for cuticle and cuticle, with herbal formula enriched with coconut oil for softening the skin making it easier to remove.

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Strong Hardener Nail Treatment

A 100% herbal nail polish and a brilliant finish that promises to strengthen even the weakest and most fragile nails.

Repair & Care Base Coat Regenerating

Vegetable formula base enriched with Goji Berry extracts with regeneration and strengthening effect. The base nail polish is also designed to prevent nail color changes.

Ridge Filler Base Coat

A 100% herbal formula base polish designed to provide a smooth layer on the nail and fill cracks and grooves.

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Growth Booster Base Coat

A friendly, plant-based base nail polish based on ginger extracts and designed to strengthen the nail and accelerate its natural growth rate.

10 Sec Nails & Cuticles Oil

Nourishing oil, enriched with nutrient extract for nourishment and moisture, leaves nails soft and sticky thanks to a super-fast absorbent formula.

Jelly Nail Polish Remover

Pineapple scent remover with innovative gel texture and special size for travel, making it ideal for carrying anywhere.

Nail Sticker

Nail stickers designed for all kinds who love a more refined style, but entertaining and romantic. The stickers are offered in several design combinations:

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  • Bling Bliny - tiny pearls and small gems in various shapes
  • Go for Gold - gilded geometric shapes and lines
  • Sweet Girl - romantic style flowers and butterflies

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  • Wildflower - wildflowers, ideal for pastel shades
  • Hey, Be Happy - delicious ice cream, pizza, avocado and amusing emojis
  • Magic Spell - geometric motifs and mystical symbols in golden pink tones

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Face Brushes

Facial brushes are made of 100% synthetic hair and are designed to be soft and pleasant on the skin. The brushes have thick white and pink gold handles:
  • Blush brush - diagonal blush brush
  • Highlighter brush - pointed round brush, perfect for use with highlighter

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Photos credited to essence Cosmetics

Anti-Split File

Nails for nails that help shape nails that suffer from cracks and cracks. The two-sided wig - one designed to shorten the nail and the other to shape its shape.

Multi-Layer File

Two-sided nail designed to shorten the nail and shape it. Thanks to the multilayer technology in which it is manufactured, it can be used for a long time. Each side of the nail consists of three overlapping layers and when one layer is eroded, it can be removed and moved to the new layer below it.

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