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Thursday, 4 July 2019

Chanel’s New Eye Collection

Chanel’s new eye makeup collection featuring 4 new color harmonies of Les 4 Ombres, 4 matching shades of the Stylo Yeaux Waterproof Eye Pencil, and four hues of the innovative Le Volume Révolution De Chanel Mascara.

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The collection, envisioned and designed by Lucia Pica, tends to simplify eye makeup by proposing four monochromatic looks: blue, green, grey and mauve. These bold looks can be recreated with a matching mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner. The keyword is “blurry”.

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Each of the four Les 4 Ombres features four color-coordinated shades: Mauve palette brings terracotta hues combined with wearable beiges, Blurry Grey combines darker chocolate-grey shades with a neutral beige, Blurry Blue features a deep navy blue and three earthy neutrals, while Blurry Green combines a rich emerald green with terracotta bronze and two earthy neutrals.

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Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof
Is offered in four new shades. 
  • 944 Noir Énigmatique – cosmic grey
  • 948 Jungle Green – forest green
  • 928 Eros – deep brown
  • 946 Intense Teal – deep blue

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Le Volume Révolution De Chanel
An innovative mascara with 3D-printed brush. The brush features a honeycomb structure and micro-reservoirs, delivering the optimum amount with each stroke. This mascara is designed to reveal the extreme volume with a long-wearing, intense result. The wax-based formula provides instant lash volume, density and separation in four limited edition shades:
  • 91 Volcan – volcano grey
  • 17 Jungle Green – emerald green
  • 27 Deep Eros – intense burgundy
  • 946 Intense Teal –  scintillating teal

Chanel's New Eye Collection is available now online here

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