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Thursday, 24 May 2018

Ciaté Gelology Shades for Summer 2018

Ciaté London adds to its highly coveted Gelology range.

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Gelology formula is Ciatés popular nail innovation, a highly pigmented, plumping, and extremely shiny formula with a gel-wear finish.

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The updated long-wearing formula, infused with adhesive polymers, lasts up to 10 days without chipping! 13 of Ciaté’s bestselling crème shades have been re-formulated to this ultimate long-wearing formula, and the range now welcomes 3 new summer-ready shades.

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Ciaté Gelology Paint Pots for the summer of 2018 are said to be inspired by the exotic shade-shifting colors that can be found in nature: on Morpho butterflies, beetles, and birds. Mimicking the color structures found in exotic creatures, Ciaté has created 3 exciting shades that change and reflect the light as your hand moves.

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  • Paradise Lost - a smooth and pigmented sparkling rose gold.
  • Forbidden Fruit - a color-shifting oil slick of green and magenta.
  • After Dark - a color-shifting purple to blue

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The new Gelology Paint Pots are available for purchase from Ciaté London and from Sephora. Available in 13.5ml and 6ml bottles, priced at €13.36 and €6.68

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