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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Estée Lauder Summer 2018 Collection Poppy Sauvage

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Estée Lauder is set to the launch their Summer 2018 Makeup Collection Poppy Sauvage by Violette!

An intense and sensual collection of bold red hues Poppy Sauvage is in collaboration with internationally renowned make-up artist Violette (violette_fr).

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Violette, a professional Parisian makeup artist became Global Beauty Director for Estée Lauder in June 2017, helping to create products and looks that real women will want to use and wear Her work has graced the covers of famous magazines worldwide with over 185,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel and more than 200,000 followers to her Instagram account, Violette lives her life between the French capital and New York, she doesn’t subscribe to trends or rules, believing instead, as she puts it, that we need to “forget the beauty codes and going after the ‘perfect beauty.’ I am anti-trend and pro-freedom of expression.”

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Poppy Sauvage by Violette capsule collection is made up of 7 items from lipsticks to multi-function products, draws inspiration from the Provençal landscape that captures the hues of spring. Petal-like lips, eyes in the color of the setting sun. Radiant shaded cheeks with a velvety complexion like morning dew.

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Pure Color Envy Palette by Violette

Palette of 5 eyeshadows in warm shades of brown with opaque and metallic finishes that evoke the intense beauty of a sun-drenched wheat field at different times of the day.
  • Les Nudes se Soleil (Sun Nudes)

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Pure Color Envy Duo Sculpting Blush by Violette

Sunny Camellia shades, evoking the warm and clear light of Provence with two playful colors to wear alone or superimposed. The Pure Color Envy Sculpting Duo Blush has been designed to accentuate the beauty of the natural features of the face with a subtle sublimate nude and luminous peach hue.
  • Soleil Doré/Camélia (Golden Sun/camellis) - pink and a light brown blush

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Deluxe Eye Pencil by Violette

A creamy jumbo pencil in golden earth color that applies as a shadow or pencil according to your desires. Its silky soft formula glides on the eyelid for easy application.
  • Terre D’Or (Golden Land) - metallic bronze with gold reflections

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Crème Illuminatrice by Violette

Add a touch of light as needed to accentuate and define. This Illuminating Cream is your beauty asset for the face and body, designed for chic, natural women, it brings a velvety and radiant glow to where it’s applied.

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Pure Color Envy Lipstick by Violette

Drawing inspiration from the colors of the fields in spring, in the romantic setting and the natural beauty of the south of France. Violette invites you to express your femininity with the sweet and sensual perfect pinkish nude hue, or the sexiest and bolder shade with the deep burgundy hue.
  • Poésie (Poems) - pink cyclamen
  • Vin Noir (Black Wine) - red wine

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Pure Color Envy Liquid Lipstick by Violette

An intense and bold hue in a soft and comfortable liquid formula. This signature red poppy with a matte finish is the highlight of the entire Violette collection. Red lips are part of Violet's signature looks. Red is passionate, Red is expressive. Violette thinks this hue is the quintessence of classic red that makes every woman feel beautiful, strong and fearless.
  • Poopy Sanvage (Wild Poppy) -  instance red

The new Estée Lauder Summer 2018 Collection Poppy Sauvage by Violette is currently available in France here. Available in the UK on April 7th and worldwide from May 15th.

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