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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

KIKO Milano launch Green Me Collection

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KIKO Milano has just announced the launch of their new Green Me Collection. A capsule collection inspired by the principles of sustainability that reflects the needs of new eco-friendly consumers. The line, which will arrive in KIKO Milano and online stores starting from mid-March, includes make-up, skincare products and accessories.

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Inspired by the four elements of nature, earth, air, water and fire The Green Me Collection is aimed at enhancing your natural beauty, offering a complete range of high quality make up and skincare, with professional performances and reduced environmental impact.

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Formulated with a very high percentage of natural ingredients (between 88 and 100%), shea butter, jojoba oil, argan oil and aloe, with prodigious moisturizing properties, are the basis of this new limited edition collection, available both in natural nude shades and in nuances with a more decisive character.

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KIKO Green Me Blush

Ideal for enhancing the complexion and the natural volumes of the face, silky and modular offers a calibrated result and a color that can be constructed in terms of intensity according to individual needs. Formulated with rice starch, nourishing argan oil and cottonseed oil, comes in two different shades with an opaque or slightly satin finish.

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KIKO Green Me Bronzer Loose Powder

A silky tanning bed in a loose powder, formulated with goji berry oil known for its outstanding protective properties. Light and silky helps to enhance the complexion, giving the skin a personalized tanned effect. Characterized by a totally opaque finish, housed in a packaging with a concave sifter that allows the dust to be adequately collected, avoiding waste. Available in two different natural shades.

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KIKO Green Me BB Cream

A moisturizing colored cream with nourishing properties, formulated with aloe extract and hyaluronic acid. Light as a second skin, according to KIKO offers a modular covering and a natural finish helping to minimize even small imperfections and discoloring. A real treatment that in addition to perfecting the complexion can give comfort, nourishment and hydration. Available in 4 different shades that adapt to any type of complexion, light or dark.

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KIKO Green Me Palette Ombretti

KIKO Milano includes in the Green Me capsule collection, two new Eyeshadow Palette characterized by 9 shades of eye shadows formulated with argan, cotton and maracuja oils. The texture is smooth and easy to blend and the three different finishes between opaque, satin and metallic, allow you to easily create minimal and sophisticated natural looks. The particular formula, enriched with emollient active ingredients, ensures an optimal chromatic intensity, an easy overlapping of the texture, and an immediate color release. Available in two different colors.

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KIKO Green Me Volume Mascara

Formulated with shea butter with nourishing properties and designed to give the lashes extreme volume. The maxi applicator in elastomer increases the volume of the eyelashes by coating them with an intense black color with a shiny finish giving body and definition. The fluid formula adheres to each individual eyelash, separating it without sticking it but texturing it without weighing it down or crumbling. Available in the shade Intense Black only.

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KIKO Green Me Matitr Eyebrows

A Brow Pencil formulated with jojoba oil with emollient and nourishing properties. The sliding and soft lead ensures an immediate and intense color release while the thin tip allows to delineate or accentuate the shape of the eyebrows through an always precise and impeccable stroke. Available in 4 different shades.

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KIKO Green Me Lipgloss

A lipgloss pencil is formulated with natural wax with emollient properties and characterized by a shiny and shiny finish. The enveloping, velvety and creamy texture allows to flow on the lips, giving a veil of soft, silky and ultra-modulated color. The particular formula enriched with natural active ingredients provides nourishment, hydration and absolute comfort, while pastel packaging makes it easy to apply even in case of on-the-go touch-ups. Available in 2 different shades.

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KIKO Green Me Lips & Cheek

A versatile pencil that can be used both as blush and lipstick. Formulated with emollient and moisturizing shea butter, they are easily blended and released immediately. Satire of pigments, offer a perfectly customizable intensity. Available in 5 different colors.

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KIKO Green Me Kamal Pencil

An eye pencil formulated with jojoba oil and shea butter that offers a soft and adaptable stroke. The creamy and ultra-writing formula allows a smooth and comfortable application and an always intense and impeccable stroke. A long seal promises an intense color even in the inner rhyme of the eye, tear-proof! Available in 4 different shades.

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KIKO Green Me Highlighter Pencil

An illuminating pencil for face and eye contour formulated with shea butter with nourishing properties. The soft texture is particularly smooth, the application is quick and the light points are easily obtained. Thanks to the large diameter of the jumbo format, with a single gesture you can apply the texture much more quickly than a pencil or a classic illuminant. Available in 2 different shades.

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KIKO Green Me Hydrating Face Mist

A hydrating and refreshing face spray formulated with mineral salts and caffeine with an energizing action. The spray can be sprayed on the face after make-up or during the day to regain a pleasant sensation of freshness, well-being and hydration. A precious ally to always carry with you even during the hot season!

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KIKO Green Me Cleansing Face Bar

A cleansing facial soap with olive oil, white tea and shea butter. KIKO explains that since the first use the skin appears smooth, bright and nourished thanks to the gentle formula. A pleasant citrus fragrance that makes the treatment a real treat and suitable for all skin types.

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KIKO Green Me Exfoliating Body Gommage

An exfoliating body characterized by sugar crystals and "ghassoul", traditional lava clay from Morocco with a purifying action. Elastic, soft and full-bodied, it removes dead cells and impurities helping to make the skin smooth and ready for subsequent treatments. Its green fragrance is fresh and delicate.

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KIKO Green Me Nourishing Lip Balm

A nourishing and moisturizing lip balm formulated with shea butter, wild mango butter and chamomile extract. The soft and creamy texture wraps the lips and gives a pleasant feeling of comfort making them protected, hydrated, and soft, ready for the application of lipstick.

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KIKO Green Me On-The-Go Mask

A multitasking kit featuring 3 single-use moisturizing clay masks. The soft and creamy texture determines a comfortable application and each face mask offers a targeted and specific action:
  • Green Me Yellow - illuminating action with peony extract and porcelain flower.
  • Green Me Blue - mattificating action with orange and rose hip extract.
  • Green Me Pink - smoothing action with a mix of vitamins.

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KIKO Green Me Konjac Sponge

A cleansing and exfoliating sponge in natural konjac. Obtained from the roots of the Asian Konjac plant, thanks to the irregularity of the surface and the ability of the fiber to capture the water and release it gradually, it helps to remove dead cells and excess sebum. It performs a gentle exfoliating action, making it suitable for any type of skin, even sensitive.

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KIKO Green Me Cleansing Pads

Natural disks designed for facial cleansing, which allow to exfoliate in a homogeneous and adaptable but always delicate way. Obtained using different materials such as loofah and sisal fibers, they effectively remove traces of makeup and impurities, while performing an effective gently exfoliating massage.

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KIKO Green Me Bronzer Brush

Multi-purpose brushes designed for the application of earth and dust vis and indicated for contouring. Made of synthetic bristles and characterized by a dome shape, it is perfect for sculpting and defining facial features, allowing you to take the right amount of product for optimal application. The handle in natural wood with a rough finish gives the brush an even more green touch, while the details in shiny gold determine luxury and brightness.

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KIKO Green Me Blush Brush

A brush designed to blend blushes and illuminants and thanks to the synthetic, soft and rounded-shaped bristles make the application of powders simple and fast.

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KIKO Green Me Double Eye Brush

A double brush designed to apply and blend eye shadows and eyeliner. The flat and rounded tip allows you to spread and fade powder and cream eyeshadows while the oblique tip allows you to accurately blend the eyeshadow along the palpebral fold in the outer corner of the eye.

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KIKO Green Me Pochette 

KIKO Milano offers a practical and capacious Green Me clutch bag made of 100% cotton fabric. Its design, natural color and details reflect the green spirit that characterizes the entire Green Me collection. It free gift, with the purchase of two products in the collection.

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The concept of eco-sustainability is also expressed through the packaging, enriched with natural elements and details in wood and recycled paper, with reduced environmental impact. All cases are also made for example with ecological paper made from organic residues of kiwi, coffee and citrus and produced using 100% green energy. The lip and eye pencils are made of wood deliberately left rough to give an even greener appearance. 

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KIKO pays the utmost attention to the subsequent disposal and recycling by placing on each package a special symbol that facilitates the selection process for separate waste collection. All the products of the Green Me Collection have obtained the FSC international certification that guarantees the highest standards of environmental protection: all the materials used come from forests managed in a sustainable manner.

KIKO Milano Green Me Collection will be available from March 15th 2018 at all KIKO Milano stores in Italy and online from KIKO Milano

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