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Monday, 4 September 2017

Bobbi Brown's Fall Collection 2017 Downtown

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Bobbie Brown's Downtown 2017 Autumn Collection was inspired by New York women, who have an uncompromising style. The collection combines the concrete and glamour of the city streets and offers a sophisticated yet completely urban look.

The new collection focuses, in fact, mainly on the eyes and includes the following products: 

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BobbiBrown Duo Long Wear Gel Eyeliner (New, Limited Edition).

The brand's familiar gel eyeliner is now served in a jar divided into two compartments containing two perfectly coordinated shades of a gel-based formula. The eyeliner formula provides up to 12 hours of resistance, including moisturizing water and sweat. Its application is as smooth and precise as liquid eyeliner and can be created with a delicate to dramatic look that does not smear or fade.

The collection offers 6 pairs of shades:
  • Matt Black and Grey shimmer
  • Dark Green matte and Green Emerald Shimmer
  • Grey and matte Grey Granite
  • Deep Brown-matte and Reddish Brown shimmer
  • Dark Blue matte and Dark Grey shimmer
  • Brown matte and Chocolate Brown shimmer

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BobbiBrown Downtown Cool Eye Shadow Palette (Limited Edition).

Featuring four dusky cool matte eyeshadows, including a concrete grey, brunette, brown, and charcoal grey. The palette has everything you need to get a New York look that is simple to achieve and always sexy.
Your Beauty Gossip

BobbiBrown Cream Glow Highlighter (Limited Edition).

A soft textured ceramic highlighter that adds moisture to the skin. The highlighter gives you a clear, translucent feel, while actually giving your skin a rosy-milky, radiant look.

The collection is available now from leading department stores.

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