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Saturday, 30 September 2017

LUSH Beauty Calendar 2017 12 Days of Christmas

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With a dozen limited edition holiday treats packed inside a festive reusable hat box, the LUSH 12 Days of Christmas  gift is a pleasure to give and receive! The indulgent surprises inside range from the cocktail-scented Golden Wonder Bath Bomb to the luxuriously soothing Twilight Shower Gel and the creamy Golden Pear Soap. Once you’re done, you can use the sturdy hatbox to store your holiday decorations, or to keep the rest of your Lush stash hidden from prying eyes.

Your Beauty Gossip

LUSH Advent Calendar 2017 Contents

  • Bubbly (Shower Gel)
  • Never Mind The Ballistics (Bath Bomb)
  • Golden Wonder (Bath Bomb)
  • Plum Snow (Bubble Bar)
  • Christmas Eve (Bubble Bar)
  • Snow Fairy (Shower Gel)
  • Christmas Cracker (Bubble Bar)
  • Baked Alaska (Soap)
  • Christmas Sweater (Bath Bomb)
  • Buck's Fizz (Body Conditioner)
  • Sherbet Dip (Bath Bomb)
  • Shoot For The Stars (Bath Bomb)

The LUSH 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar 2017 Available Now! 

Priced at €76.55  Available here   

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