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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Clarins Model'Bust Old and New

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A few weeks back while cleaning out a press in the guest room I came across my Clarins Médecin'Bust, I know you’re thinking “Your What?” and in short it’s a device that uses water to massage your breast. Before you let your mind go running in the wrong direction, I’ll explain.

The Start

Jacques Courtin the founder of Clarins invented the device called Médecin'Bust at the end of World War 2 after over hearing some ladies (I think his sisters) talking about the benefits of sea bathing especially the improvement of their breasts, after Jacques Courtin hears them he has the idea to reproduce the movements of fresh water through a firming device. The concept of the device came to him by observing the system of watering large lawns and tinkering in his mother's kitchen with a hose and an aluminium bell to shower and massage the breast surface known as hydrophilic. Médecin'Bust (later renamed Model'Bust), launched in 1947 at the Salon of Woman and Beauty and marketed in pharmacies. A magazine at the time Your Beauty echoed it and become a faithful ambassador of Jacques Courtin’s products. It wasn’t until March 15th, 1954 that the company Clarins was formed.

Your Beauty Gossip

It was very popular at the time but disappeared well over twenty years ago, I can’t remember how I learned about Médecin'Bust but I do remember wanting one to help improve my own bust for my upcoming wedding in 2003 and had a hard time tracking one down. I was lucky enough to find one here in Dublin and using it with the Bust Beauty Gel there was amazing results.  For the 60th anniversary of the brand in 2014  Jacques Courtin son Christian, now President of Clarins, had chosen to update this mythical device with comparable results,  a new design and technology with proven efficiency. So maybe I should update my old Médecin'Bust to the new Model’Bust well it worked all those years ago and now 14 years later, married and two boys everything is definitely going south.

The Beauty of the Bust

The ideal breast is firm and well-shaped and this concerns most women and their expectations in their beauty care. But its reality anatomical, to which are added to the physiological data specific to each stage of life of a woman, testify to the difficulty of preserving that beautiful bust.
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You have got to remember the breasts contain no muscle; they are each made up of a mammary gland (1) immersed in an adipose tissue (2) which gives them their volume, surrounded by an envelope of skin that ensures their shape, their position and their firmness.

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The breasts are not firmly attached to the thorax, they are only held in place by the cutaneous “fan” which, from their base to the chin, plays the role of "natural bra". Hence the importance of quality of the skin in the natural evolution of the bust. For the tone and firmness of this cutaneous fan depends on its height, its firmness, its shape. The breasts are naturally led to relaxation through puberty, pregnancy, weight gain or weight loss, menopause are distances to which the breast is subjected during the life of a woman and which, added to the weight of the breasts, poor postures, solar exposures all accelerate the natural skin aging.
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This results in a reduction in the quality and quantity of the elastic fibers and in the collagen causing loss of firmness and then relaxation. This more or less rapid process takes place in two stages.
  1. Loss of firmness and tone of the skin: the breast becomes less firm.
  2. Due to its lack of tone and firmness, the skin is distended.
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The Benefits of Freshwater Massage

We all know, freshwater is good for the skin, it tones and it boosts the blood circulation, so can you remember swimming at the beach? How the movement of water felt invigorating and how the waves created a beneficial action on the firmness of the breasts? Inspired by this physical principle and the knowledge of the virtues of fresh water on the body, Clarins created the Model'Bust, a hydromassage device consisting of three rotating showers. Applied to the chest, it allows with use of tap water a rotating massage with a vasoconstrictor effect that improves the immediate firmness of the breast and the quality of the skin.


Is an expert device combining technique and simplicity for optimal comfort, it is lightweight, convenient and easy to handle. Model'Bust adherence to the chest covering each breast while respecting the sensitivity of this fragile area. Composed with three rotating shower jets each directed towards a different region of the bust (1 upwards, 1 towards the middle of the breast and 1 the nipple), provides a revolving massage with vasoconstrictor effect. The effects of this massage on the breast causes a reflex shrinkage of the skin tissues with immediate toning action. 

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The use of Model’Bust and its triple massage is more effective than that offered by a simple shower as each jet diffuses the water in a swirling motion and best of all this massage stimulates the exchange and microcirculation of the skin, it brings a visible action on the quality of the skin, improves resistance and restores its freshness and beauty.
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Using Model'Bust
  • Connect Model'Bust to the Shower after detaching the knob.
  • Apply Model'Bust on breast, spout directed downwards.
  • Lean slightly forward to facilitate the flow of water.
  • Gradually turn on the cold water working up to an intensity of coldness.
  • The showers rotating machines will start massaging your breast.
  • Perform the massage on each breast for about 45 seconds.
  • After massage, dry the bust and apply Tonic Body Treatment Oil
  • Use every day, morning or evening.
  • Wipe Model'Bust dry before storing.

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The new Model’Bust easily attaches to the shower hose, compared to the old device thanks to the adapters supplied and they have added a protective grid that separates the breast from the three rotating showers jets preventing them from sitting directly on the skin. 

As I said above I had amazing results when I was using mine and would highly recommend in investing it the new designed Model’Bust, but with a price tag of €110 some may find that it is quite expensive but in my experience well worth the investment and hope to update my own device (an early xmas hint to my husband). So in the mean time I will go back to using my old Médecin'Bust.
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Model’Bust is available through Clarins UK and includes a 30ml Tonic Body Treatment Oil and a waterproof storage bag. Let’s hope Clarins counters here in Ireland will be stocking them soon.


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