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Thursday, 11 May 2017


Back early in the year when Charlotte Tilbury announced the launch of their Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask, every one and anyone in the beauty industry sat up and paid attention, the idea of a dry sheet mask was intriguing. Now I’m not a huge fan of wet sheet masks if only for the reason their messy and time consuming (you can’t move about) but love the cooling, refreshing feel you get from them.

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Charlotte Tilbury Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask 

As the name suggests is completely dry not scented and can be used on cleansed skin or over make-up. Personally I would use it on bare cleansed skin to gain better benefits and deeper hydration from the active ingredients of vitamins, floral extracts, oils, butters and peptides.

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The mask is made from a soft but strong stretchable velvety fabric that is so simple to apply, 4 hooks that hook behind your ears gives it a more secure fit (so I thought). At first I didn’t like the tight almost claustrophobic feeling I got and this did turn me off a little, but then realised the mask is designed in a way to lift the face and chin and this is where the hooks came in to play. The hooks are a key design in the mask that help lift and seal the face into a vacuum like wrap if that makes sense? and immediately you can feel the skin is tightened.

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The benefits of the mask is said to leave the skin smoother, brighter, more hydrated, more lifted with a reduction in wrinkles. An  in-built technological 5 Skin Solution IQ, which adapts to your skin to feed it with exactly what it needs and  thanks to the bio-mimetic revolutionary system, the mask slowly but steadily releases ingredients, giving it time to immerse into the skin without being destroyed. The effects of the mask should last for up to eight hours; keeping your skin hydrated and revitalized all day long and you can pop it back in the resalable package and use it three times.

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As the sheet is dry you don’t get the cool, refreshing feeling, you don’t get to feel any of the ingredients soaking into the skin which to me felt a little strange and I did question as to whether this mask was worth the hype and price let alone does it do anything.

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It was when I removed the mask after 15 mins that I did feel my skin was more plumped and tight but it didn’t look it, so again I questioned the hype. As the day went one and a few glances in the mirror I did start to see a difference in my face, it glowed, it looked fresh and bright and started to feel and look smooth, it felt moisturized, nourished and better still it looked youthful. I guess that slow, steady releases of ingredients just took longer to work on my dry wrinkled skin.

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Would I recommend the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask?
Yes! Because the product works and over time the benefits would be amazing, it’s not messy, there’s no lying around or rinsing off, it’s quick and easy to use.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask is available here. A single mask retails for €24.00 while a pack of 4 masks retails for €86.00


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