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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Urban Decay Expands into Skincare with Rehab Makeup Prep Collection

The beauty giant Urban Decay is officially moving into the skin-care world with its soon-to-launch Urban Decay Rehab Makeup Prep line this Spring. That’s right. Everyone’s favourite makeup brand is gearing up to launch a new skin care collection, designed to prep your skin for makeup!

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Urban Decay Rehab Makeup Prep 

Is a collection of brand new formulas that scrub, cleanse, revitalize and hydrate. The range, available from April 2017, includes a Hot Springs Hydrating Oil, Lip Love Balm, Pore Refining Peel, Pretty Gritty Skin Polish, Oxygenated Bubble Mask, and Moisture Layer Eye Roller.

This line is, basically, a collection of makeup primers, but – if you take a closer look – they’re actually skin care! 

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As Urban Decay explains it, the Rehab Makeup Prep line lets you put your makeup on perfectly, and take it off totally. As we all know, for that perfectly polished canvas, the best way to apply makeup is to apply to fresh, clean skin. But, the same works the other way round - to get a naturally perfect canvas you should remove your makeup completely, using the right remover for the makeup you're wearing! Makeup is not about covering flaws, but accentuating your best features, so it should always start with a clean, well moisturized, plump, healthy skin.
  • Rehab Makeup Prep Oxygenated Bubble Mask delivers an oxygenating effect to dull skin. Once applied, it transforms into a detoxifying foam that quickly yet gently eliminates impurities, traces of makeup, and pollution. 
  • Rehab Makeup Prep Pore Refining Peel is a pore minimizing mask that gently removes dead skin cells and helps to de-clog pores and sop up excess oils. Ideal for oily and combination skin. Use it all over your face, or only on problematic zones.
  • Rehab Makeup Prep Lip Love is a powerful moisturizer for your lips, formulated with soothing and nourishing shea butter and coconut oil.
  • Rehab Makeup Prep Hot Springs Hydrating Gel encapsulates water from real hot springs to instantly hydrate the skin and balance its pH levels.
  • Rehab Makeup Prep Pretty Gritty Skin Polish is a brightening scrub infused with vitamin c, coconut oil, and rosehip seed powder. All of these skin-loving ingredients are also powerful anti-oxidants! 
  • Rehab Makeup Prep Moisture Layer Eye Roller is formulated moisturizing hyaluronic acid and age-defying ceramides. It hydrates your eyelids and provides a visible tightening effect. 

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In addition, Urban Decay will also reintroduce the Meltdown Makeup Remover, which promises to easily remove even the most stubborn waterproof makeup. Powerful and gentle, this oil-free remover is formulated with vitamin E and available in three new formats: Dissolving Spray, Lip Oil Stick, and Cleansing Oil Stick.

Rehab Makeup Prep collection by Urban decay will be available as of April 13, 2017. The products are packed in white bottles and tubes, adorned with Urban Decay’s emblematic purple embellishments. Stay tuned for more information!


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