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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Prosecco flavoured nail polish

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The world-famous e-commerce marketplace Groupon introduces the world’s first Prosecco flavoured nail polish!

The boozy new nail color, which was designed to help celebrate Mother’s Day, is actually formulated with real white vine and smells and tastes just like the real Prosecco. The nail polish, which is designed to be licked off the fingers, is announced as a zero calorie, gold-sparkling varnish. With fine metallic particles of gold glitter, it also looks like a fizzing glass of fine Italian white wine.

Unfortunately, the Prosecco Nail Polish, which comes in the shade Gold Glimmer, won’t be available for purchase any time soon, but you can enter a Groupon prize draw at, for your chance to win one of the limited-edition bottles for free.

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