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Monday, 27 March 2017

Foundations - Which One?

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At lot of the time finding the right products to use cause a world full of confusion for women and foundations are a mind blowing minefield to figure out, from color to texture to coverage. So which is the right one and which is not?

First step in choosing the correct foundation is learn and educated yourself on the different types of foundations, what coverage they offer, what skin type they are best suited for and once we understand the different formulas we can move on to choosing the correct shade.

Your foundation is the most important piece of makeup you will ever purchase as it can make your skin appear flawless, natural, cover blemishes, imperfections and smooth out uneven skin tones. The real goal to your foundation is to look like your not wearing any at all and with new light-reflecting ingredients many foundations can almost appear invisible giving you the illusion of having  healthy, flawless skin.
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Here are the different types of foundations that are available on the market today.

  • Liquid foundation is the most popular one and is suited for all skin types. There is a number of different formulas for different skin types to choose from. Oil-free, oil-absorbing formulas work best for oily skin while dry skin needs a moisturizing formula. Liquid foundations offers varying degrees of coverage from sheer to medium depending on the formula and brand and put you in control of coverage you want.
  • Crème foundation is smooth and creamy specifically formulated for normal to very dry skin with a thick heavy consistency. This type of foundation is one of the most moisturizing formulas you can get, it offers high coverage with a natural finish., apply with a dry sponge for high coverage and a damp sponge for a more sheer coverage. Be careful if your skin is so dry that it's flaky as  this type of foundation will look cakey, dull and heavy.
  • Mousse foundation is a crème foundation that has a whipped lightweight consistency. Formulated for normal to dry skin it is one of the lightest formulas available that sinks into the skin rather than sit on top, it offers a even coverage  and natural finish, perfect for mature skin due to its light consistency it won't sit or collect in fine lines.

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  • Stick foundation is a crème foundation and concealer all in one, neatly package for fast application. It has a heavy thick consistency that is formulated for normal to dry skin offering maximum coverage. Ideally used to cover ruddy uneven skin tones and imperfections it can appear a little heavy on clear skin.
  • Creme to powder foundation is a crème at heart foundation with powder that is best suited to normal to slightly oily skin, offering a light to medium coverage. With its creamy texture this formula is kinder to oily skin than a crème or mousse foundations with the powder helping  to cut down on excess shine.
  • Tinted moisturizer is basically a moisturizer with a hint of color, giving your skin a sheer, light-wight breathable minimal coverage. The one and only sheerest coverage available is more suited for normal to dry skin and perfect to use during the summer for that almost invisible naked look. Many brands contain sunscreen so one less tack in the morning to do.
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  • Powder compact is a dual finish powder foundation packaged in a neat compact that gives a sheer to medium coverage, formulated for normal to oily skin. Applied like a pressed powder it has more coverage due to emollient ingredients and is the perfect starting foundation for young girls as it low in oils and moisturizers hence cutting down on the rick of breakouts. For a sheer cover apply with a brush and for a more fuller coverage apply using a sponge. If you have dry skin this foundation will make your skin look chalky.
  • Pigmented mineral powder is a loose or pressed powder that adheres to the skin, providing a sheer to medium coverage suited for normal to oily skin. Formulated with vitamins and minerals this foundation is perfect for sensitive skin and so easy to use. Applied like the powder compact a brush gives a sheer coverage and sponge a medium coverage but no matter what tool you use, the more layers applied the more coverage you get.
  • Airbrush / Aerosol spray as the name suggests is a foundation in a spray form. These formulas are water resistant and definitely gives the maximum coverage. Airbrush uses a machine to spray a fine mist over the face of foundation, while the aerosol spray skips the machine to create similar results. After applying the spray you can use a brush or sponge to blend it is and help it look more natural.  Suited for all skin types.

When choosing your foundation, there are two thing to consider;

     1.  The first is to match your foundation shade to your skin tone, so that the foundation looks                    natural.
     2.  Secondly is to match your skin type with the correct foundation formula, for dry skin you are
          going to want a foundation with moisturizer in it to help your skin look fresh and youthful. 
          Where as oily skin needs a powder base foundation as the oils from your skin can mix with the
          wrong foundation making your skin appear blotchy.

Your skin is the most important part of your makeup and making it look the absolute freshest you can is so important. Foundations and powders are the bases of flawless looking skin. Wearing the correct foundation formula for your skin type can help foundation stay on longer and make your skin look younger.


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