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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

A Balancing Facial for Combination Skin

This simple once a week treat intensively tackles both the dry and oily areas of your skin.

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1. Cleanse.

Using a moisturizing facial bar or foaming cleanser, cleanse the face. This will effectively target the oil on the greasy skin of the T-zone, without removing any of the moisture from the dry skin on your cheeks.

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2. Exfoliate.

Exfoliate to avoid flakes of dry skin clogging pores. Using a gentle facial scrub or a flannel, rub the cheeks lightly. Go more intensely when tackling the greasy areas of the face to help loosen blackheads.

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3. Steam.

Boils a kettle of water and pour into a large bowl. Add four drops of rosewater to the bowl - this hydrates the skin and will prevent the steam drying out the cheeks while it tackles the nose. After the hot steam has dispersed, lower your head over the bowl, keeping it 10 inches of the water. Put a towel over your head and stay put for up to 10 minutes.

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4. Mask.

On big pamper sessions like this one, go for the double mask. Shop around for a hydrating moisture mask apply to your cheeks and throat and use a clay-based mask for your oily areas. Leave the masks on for 10 minutes and rise off with tepid water. Apply your normal light moisturizer afterwards.

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Homemade Mask.

A rose-based mask is an excellent balancing treatment for combination skin. Use the following ingredients, sit back and relax.

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Wash the rose petals in water. Soak for a few minutes and then crush them into a bowel. Add rosewater, yoghurt and honey. Mix well and apply to the skin for five minutes. Rise off with tepid water. 
#Resource: The Complete Beauty Book

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