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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

A Hydrating Facial for Dry Skin

Dry skin needs a lot more care than most other skin type, so do this simple facial once or twice a week until moisture levels are boosted.

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1.     Exfoliate.

Using a gentle facial scrub, rub the skin in a circular motion. Concentrate on areas like the nose and forehead. Some scrubs can dry the skin out, so rinse well.

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2.    Cleanse.

Cleansed the skin with a milky cleanser. Doing this after exfoliation will help remove any deep-down grime rather than just polishing the dead skin cells on the surface. Wipe away with cotton wool/discs as these are less absorbent than tissues and will leave more protection on the skin.

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3.    Sprtiz or Splash.

Toners are a no-no on dry skin as they will dehydrate it. Instead freshen up your skin with a spritz of facial mist or a splash of cool water. Absorb any excess afterwards but don't completely dry the skin.

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4.    Mask Time.

When it comes to masks use one that is hydrating, look for emollient or humectant ingredients - or try the homemade one below which is packed with natural moisture givers. Leave on the skin for 10 to 15 minutes, then rise off  but remember to leave the skin damp.

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5.    Moisturizer.

Apply you moisturizer and the best way to do this is by patting the skin with your fingers. This will help bring blood following to the skin's surface which will help hydrate it from within.

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Homemade Face Mask.

Honey and avocados are particularly rich in moisturizing properties. For the perfect skin food mash together the following ingredients.
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Apply to the face and leave for five minutes before removing with a flannel and some tepid water.

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