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Friday, 13 January 2017

Dolce Vita by Christian Dior

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Dolce Vita is Christian Dior's 14th perfume and its name in Italian simply means 'Sweet Life'.
It was specially created by the well-know perfumer Pierre Bourdon and launched in September 1995.

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Floral fresh, Fruity spicy and Soft woody notes are subtly combined in this elegant 
and feminine perfume, specially created for the modern woman.

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With Top notes of Lily, Magnolia and Rose, the heart of the fragrance is Apricot, Peach 
and Cinnamon followed by Vanilla, Sandalwood and Heliotrope in the base notes, 
a grand perfume that exudes a bewitching charm.

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The fragrance is contained in a sparkling, multi-faceted, clear glass bottle with a gem like stopper, designed by the French artist Serge Mansau. 

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A stylish sunflower-yellow package, embossed with tiny golden spots, bears the name of the perfume, engraved into a chic black oval with a gold frame. Beneath the name sits Dior's familiar logo. Dolce Vita is an elegant and feminine fragrance, aimed at the modern woman who is sophisticated, sensual and likes daring contrasts.

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Dolce Vita, Italian for 'the sweet life', evokes the rich, intoxicating lifestyle of cafĂ© society. 
Its woody oriental and fruity scents are the ones that linger.


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