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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

W7 Lightly Toasted Eye Palette Review

Your Beauty Gossip

Ok I have had this Lightly Toasted eye palette along with Up in Smoke for some time and I do think they are long overdue a review. So we'll start today with the In the Buff: Lightly Toasted and tomorrow we'll do the In the Night: Up in Smoke.

If there’s is one thing I love most about W7 Cosmetics is the affordability of the brand and as we all know the W7 Eye Palettes are dupes to the Urban Decay Naked palettes with the exception of In The Night.

Your Beauty Gossip

They are the perfect palette if you’re just starting out with eye-shadows and are still learning which shades suit you best and how to apply them.

As with all three other palettes In The Buff, InThe Nude and In The Night, the packaging is cheap and cheerful, a simple metal tin with a dual-tip applicator, no mirror and each set consisting of 12 colours with a combination of shimmers and mattes.

In the Buff: Lightly Toasted is a collection of earthly colours, neutral beige, brown and bronzes with the exception of one, so let’s have a look at each one (working left to right).

Your Beauty Gossip

Teddy Bear: - a very light cream, almost champagne colour with a shimmering finish. Wonderland: - a soft rosy pink tone with a shimmering finish. 
Cracker: - a light beige brown with a matt finish. 
Happy: - a rose copper tone with a shimmering finish.

Your Beauty Gossip

Lady Luck: - a warm brown almost hazelnut colour with a matte finish. 
Twister: - a very warm golden beige with a shimmering finish. 
DiDi: - a copper brown with a shimmering finish. 
Delilah: - a dark brown with a slight olive green undertone, shimmering finish.

Your Beauty Gossip

Magic: - a cooper pink brown (if that makes sense) with a shimmering finish. 
It’s a Dream: - a reddish brown tone with a pinkie undertone shimmering finish. 
Up in Smoke: - a black matte with tiny multicolour glitter particles. 
Dawn: - a blue steel grey with tiny sliver glitter particles.

Your Beauty Gossip

This palette is so versatile; you can create a multitude of looks that can so easily take you from a soft day look to dramatic night look. The pigmentation is strong in all the colours, they are so easy to build and blend but…….. Yes there’s a but, watch out for the fall-outs and use a good eye primer which really helps intensify the colours.

So there you have it, my thoughts and view one yet another great eye palette from W7


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