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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Top 5 Tips for Dry Skin

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     1.   Only cleanse your skin once daily preferably in the evening. This will remove dirt and grime
           but will also prevent further unnecessary drying of the skin. In the morning a splash of water
           and some moisturizer is all you need.

     2.   Exfoliation is essential for dry skin. When choosing your facial scrub, try avoid any made 
           from salt or seeds. These two ingredients can be sharp and tear dry skin resulting in the skin
           loosing moisture.

     3.   Never expose your skin to really hot water, it will dry out the skin even more especially if the
           skin is dehydrated.

     4.   One of the best ways to help hydrate dry skin is to pat dry your skin with a soft towel after
           washing it, never completely drying it. Then  apply your moisturizer to seal in that extra

     5.   One of the main causes of dry, flakey skin is deficiency of essential nutrients from fatty acids.
           So increase your intake of oily fish or take some fatty acids supplements.

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