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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Sensitive Skin

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Characteristics of Sensitive Skin
Would you believe me if I said that 80% of us think we have sensitive skin, when in reality maybe only 10 to 20% do. True characteristic of sensitive skin is not only the itching, flaking or redness we get from using makeup or skin care products but if we have fair skin, red hair, prone to flushing, fine broken veins across the cheeks and or we suffer from hay fever or asthma then we truly have sensitive skin and it can be a right pain in the backside.

Your Beauty Gossip
Care for Sensitive Skin
When it comes to caring for sensitive skin too much products can actually be a bad thing, think about it we use five to six skincare products each day all containing chemicals so what the benefits? At the end of the day all we need for good skin is a cleanser, a moisturizer with sun protection and depending on our age a eye cream.

So the first step is to ride yourselves of any unnecessary products from our skincare regime that cause sensitivity. Avoid using harsh products that contain alcohol, retinols and alpha-hydroxyl acids, fragrances, colours and preservatives especially formaldehyde but bare in mind you could be technically sensitive to everything and anything.

Try using products that say the are hypoallergenic or better still natural products that contain calming ingredients like camomlie, cornflower, milk and liquorice. Use a very light creamy cleanser with a ever so soft cloth once a day to help the skin maintain it's own protection. Use specialist eye make-up remover  as these just like cleansers can contain ingredients that could irritate your eyes.

The drier your skin the more prone it can be to sensitivity so apply a light moisturizer twice a day. If and when treating problems like ageing and or spots find a gentle product and do it just once a week and stick with that product if there is no reaction. If your skin does react, try watering down the dose by mixing it with your moisturizer or an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream and if you still have a reaction then STOP!

Do you suffer from sensitive skin? can you share with us what products do you use
or recommend that is gentle yet effective.

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