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Wednesday, 19 October 2016


 Your Beauty Gossip

Towards the end of last year, budget friendly brand W7 came up trumps with two new eye palettes after the huge success they had with In The Buff and In The Nude, which were dupes on the Urban Decay Naked palettes.

IN THE NIGHT – Smokey Shades came out early Autumn and I’m glad to say that this is one of their very own (no dupes on this one).A collection of greys, purples and reddish browns, more suited to creating party/night-time looks rather than a daytime look as the name would suggest.

Your Beauty Gossip

In The Buff and In The Nude, contained a mixture of matte and shimmers,but this one has a nice little twist to it! There is only one matte shade, the rest are a collection of shimmer and shimmer with glitter.
Ok let’s break down the colours, shall we? (Working from left to right).

Your Beauty Gossip

Dusty: - A soft warm pink with delicate sliver glitter.
Wonderland: - A peach colour with what I would call a rusty tone to it
and a little coarser gold glitter.
Summer: - A medium grey made warm with light brown/beige undertones and with sliver glitter.
Atlanta: - A light lavender colour with a hint of grey and delicate silver glitter.

Your Beauty Gossip

Abracadabra: - A beautiful deep purple with brown undertones and a little coarser silver glitter.
Top Hat: - A deep almost electric purple with a very high sheen finish.
Razzamataz: - An intense dark purple with coarse sliver glitter.
Lady Luck: - A medium pinkie/purple colour full of delicate silver glitter.

Your Beauty Gossip

Laura E: - An intense burgundy almost coppery colour with delicate gold glitter that looks more bronzed then gold.
Party Pooper: - A very, very pale lavender with fine silver glitter.
Gate Crash: - A medium silver/grey with a hint of green undertones and delicate silver glitter.
Bologna: - A very, very dark grey, almost black but not quite there with a matte finish.

Your Beauty Gossip

Overall I liked the palette but it wasn’t for me, way too much shimmer and glitter, even if I was to mix with matte shadows the intense sheen is too much for me. The only fault I could find was the colours showed on the back of the packaging is very misleading, they are nowhere near the colours themselves and as I mentioned in my review of In The Buff and In The Nude, I highly recommend using a good eye primer to bring out the pigmentation more.

Have you tried any of the W7 palettes and if so, which one and what did you think?


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