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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Fresh, Fun Flirty Flormar Nail Polishes

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As Flormar is one of the many brands that I have quickly fallen in love with, not only for their high quality, purse friendly prices, but also for their multi-usage of a single product.

So today I’m just going to talk to you about their Nail Polishes, because my collection of products from this brand keeps growing, you’ll be here till next week reading all about them.
Flormar first launched a range of Nail Polishes back in the 1970 and has gone on to produce a very budget friendly, high quality range of cosmetics. Manufactured in Turkey, Flormar has been a favorited brand of many across Europe especially in Milan.  Flormar has been relaunched back into Ireland by our very own Paul from the “Cosmetic Outlet” with Cara Jackson as brand ambassador and loved by the very talented make-up artist Lenard Daly.

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Neon Colors

My first impression of this polish wasn’t great and if I’m honest it still isn’t. The colour range from the Neon Collection is amazing, bright and colourful and that’s the plus side. However the finished results reminded me of the packaging on the little baby belle cheese – Waxy and that is where it lost points with me. The brush is just the right length and thickness which helps with easy application and one I prefer to use. Personally I feel this collection from Flormar is more suited to the teens and not us grannies.

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Jelly Look

Again bright, vibrant colours in this collection. A little thicker in texture then your normal, regular nail polishes, slow drying with a Gel like finish that is quite glossy. The brush is a decent length and thickness which works well with the texture of this range. The wear ability on the other hand wasn’t great, but please remember I am very heavy handed when it comes to my nails, I never wear gloves when cleaning and I am always using my nails as tools so I know that didn’t help. Overall I liked this collection and would definitely purchase more.

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If you are looking for a matte, matte nail polishes then look no further because this collection is amazing. With a chalk board finish in both look and texture you won’t want to use any other. It’s not the quickest in drying but the finished look is perfect, especially if you are doing nail art. The brush again is my favourite medium length and thickness making application a walk in the park.

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Quick Drying

OMG this has to be one of my all-time favourite out of all the collections from Flormar. It’s just one of those polishes that does exactly what it says on the bottle “Quick Drying”. It was dried to the touch by the time I had all ten finger nails painted, with a brilliant high gloss shine finish, it remained chip free for nearly 5 whole days and on me that’s a miracle. The only downside I have is Flormar don’t offer a larger chose of colours in this collection.

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This would be my second favourite out of all five collections, not as fast drying as the Quick Dry but the finished results were brilliant with a stubble glossy shine. Now when I say Stubble, its shinny by not as glossy as the Gel Look or Quick Dry if that make sense? This one was chip free for three days, so that’s not bad going.

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No More Breaks

Not only is there a large range of polishes from Flormar but there is also a Nail Care range. I picked up the No More Breaks which I found to help strengthen my nails with continued use. Clear in colour I have used this on its own, as a base coat and as a top coat I like to think I was giving my nails a little extra strength.

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So there you have it, my thoughts and opinions on the Flormar Nail Polish Collection that range from €2.95 to €4.95 in price and are available from pharmacies nationwide.

Please Note: Five Flormar Polishes was gifted by a PR Company, all other  products were purchased by myself.

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