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Monday, 26 September 2016

Oily Skin

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Characteristics of Oily Skin
Oily skin is generally caused by overactive sebaceous glands, resulting in too much sebum being secreted. This skin type is quite easily recognised by its shiny appearance, large open pores which become blocked with oil causing blackheads and dead skin sticking to form whiteheads mainly around the nose and chin area.

Sadly this skin type is more prone to acne breakouts especially in teenagers, around your periods due to hormonal change. While lack of exercise, poor circulation and a bad diet don't help, incorrect skincare can also be the cause. But there is good news! some researchers believe that this oiliness will help your skin stay younger-looking for longer - so there are some benefits to having this skin type.

Your Beauty GossipCare for Oily Skin
So, so many people with this skin type actually use harsh cleansers and facial scrubs that actually strip too much moisture from the top layers of the skin making the lower layer produce more oil to counteract the loss of moisture causing a vicious circle known as skin panic response. Treating oily skin is a matter of trying to reduce oil production and keeping the  pores clean.

Choose  a light oil-free foaming cleanser that has some power to break through the oil on the skin but gentle enough that it won't strip away moisture while removing dirt and grime. Appling with light massage movements and removal with a soft cloth or flannel with help remove dread skin cells that can block the pore and cause whiteheads.

Don't be fooled in to thinking that with oily skin you must use a toner, because you don't. The hype about toners closing and tightening pores is just that a hype, in fact most toners just irritate the skin causing swelling, giving the appearance of closed pores. Should you choose to use a toner, pick one that refreshes and cools the skin, that's what they do refresh and cool they should not irritate or sting the skin and if it does you can try a more gentle formula or dilute the one you have with distilled water.

Just because you have oily skin don't think you don't need a moisturizer because you do!
Using a gel based, oil-free or non-comedogenic moisturizers with ingredients such as witch hazel, salicylic acid and talc will soak up the oil on the skin's surface while helping to replenish loss of water for a more plumper, healthier shine-free skin.

Regular facial steaming and exfoliation is extremely important for oily skin to remove dead skin cells and prevent further blockage of the pores. While a good clay mask will help nourish the skin, clear out deep clogged pores, even skin tone, gently exfoliate and if you choose one with antibacterial properties it will help and prevent acne breakouts.

Do you have oily skin? can you share with us what products you have
found to be gentle yet effective?

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