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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Maturing Skin

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Characteristics of Maturing Skin
As part of the natural aging process, the skin becomes dryer, more deeply lined and starts to lack muscle tone. But..... yes there's a but, just because you are in your twenties or thirties don't be surprised to find you fall into this category, I know your thinking maturing means you've hit your forties well in this case not's not so true.

Maturing skin means your skin is starting to 'act old' and nothing to do with your birth certificate and all this can all be down to sun damage, smoking or periods of stress and illness. When are skin is acting old or naturally going through the ageing process it beings to lose its natural glow and elasticity. Deeper lines and wrinkles will be evident, particularly around the eyes (crows feet), lips (smokers lines), between the nose and lips (canuis), neck and chest areas. Good news is you can slow down the signs of ageing.

Your Beauty Gossip

Care for Maturing Skin
Cleansing your skin with the right products can help reduce some of  the signs of ageing, choose a cleanser that contain alpha- or bets-hydroxyl acids. These two acids help increase cell replacement, clean and shrink pores which by the way become noticeable as we age and also removes the need to use a toner. A gentle exfoliating scrub or a peel-off mask once a week will remove dead skin cells and keep your skin glowing.

When it comes to a moisturizer choose a rich cream with both humectants and emollients hydration ingredients. Humectants ingredients are hyaluronic acid, glycerine or sorbitol and they help attract moisture to the skin, while lactic acid, collagen, petrolatum and lanolin are emollients ingredients that help reinforce that protective barrier. Other ingredients to look out for in a good moisturizer and/or serums are the age-fighting ones like vitamin A, vitamin C, coenzyme Q10, kinetin and copper. Also choosing a moisturizer that is high in water will also help the skin look and feel hydrated and for the love of God don't make the mistake of stopping at your chin when applying your moisturizer, the neck and chest need hydration too as these are the areas that show signs of aging first.

A regular facial is also highly recommended for maturing skin, not only is it relaxing but the gentle massage from your therapist will help and stimulate blood circulation for improved muscle tone and bring a little bloom back into the skin.

Do you have maturing skin? would you be kind enough to share what products you use?
and can you see visible results?


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