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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Combination Skin

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Characteristics of Combination Skin
Combination skin is a mix of oily skin in the centre of the face, commonly called the T-zone with dry or normal skin on the cheeks. Teens will find their forehead and nose the biggest problem areas for breakouts and this is due to their hormones going crazy in puberty. While older women will find the chin to be their problem area and this can too be due to hormones and sometimes increased stress levels.
Your Beauty Gossip
Care for Combination Skin
When caring for combination skin the aim is to kook after one area of the face without harming the skin on the other areas. Avoid  hash cleansers that are formulated for oily skin and the creamy cleansers aimed at dry skin. Instead choose a moisturizing foaming facial wash or cleansing bar, as the foaming action will help strip away the oil on the greasier parts of the face without drying or dehydrating the cheeks.

Blackheads are formed mainly on the nose and chin due to dry, flakey skin from dry areas sticking to the oily areas causing the pores to block. A gentle exfoliator used daily will help reduce the problem but wont totally eliminate those annoying blackheads. Try using pore strips which are perfect as they allow you to focus on removing blackheads in one area at a time. Try this for about four weeks and see how you get on, exfoliate the face to help loosen blackheads and apply pore strips to the nose and chin area  every day for three days, then apply pore strips once a week there after. You will be amazed at the results and a hell of a lot less blackheads.

When it come to moisturizers you will need two different formulas, one to keep the shine at bay during the day so a mattifying product with ingredients such as talc or cornstarch will help this by soaking up the oil in the T-zone area without irritating the cheeks. A light oil-free cream or lotion at night with witch hazel will supply the cheeks with the extra hydration needed but without over-stimulating the oil in the T-zone.

Sometime I wonder if having combination skin is a lot harder
to care for then any other skin type. If you have combination skin how
do you care for it and what products do you find effective yet gentle?


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