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Thursday, 30 July 2020

Givenchy Autumn 2020 Gemstone Temptation Collection

Inspired by the brilliance of gemstones!

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The limited edition Givenchy 2020 Autumn Collection is said to be inspired by the deep shimmer of natural precious gemstones in luxurious tones of garnet and burgundy.

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Givenchy L'Interdit Lipstick

4 limited edition Lipsticks that react to the pH of the lips and appear on them with an individual color change according to acidity of the user's lips. The lipstick have a smooth texture with a delicate mother-of-pearl, enigmatic, glossy and iridescent finish. 

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The formula is enriched with black rose oil and beeswax which moisturize and nourish the lips for that  perfect feeling of comfort for the entire time of wearing. All 4 lipsticks can be used on its own or as a top over any other

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  • 16 Noir Revella Tour - ranges from a dark shade to a deep marble color. Suitable for any makeup and is recommended not only for self-wearing, but also as a top layer.

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  • 21 Onyx Marble - a marble shade with multi-colored mother-of-pearl on a dark background, giving the lips a berry color.

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  • 22 Garnet Marble - a marble shade with garnet red and silver mother-of-pearl. When applied to lips, it changes to red.

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  • 23 Quartz Marble - a marble shade with pink and gold pearl. When applied to the lips, it appears pink.

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Photos Credited to Givenchy Beauty

Le 9 De Givenchy Eyeshadow Palette

The new Le 9 De Givenchy Eyeshadow Palette joins the existing line with a combination of dark brown, pink and purple shades which add a modern atmosphere.

The Givenchy Autumn 2020 Gemstone Temptation Collection is expected to be launched worldwide starting August 1, 2020 and will be available online here

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