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Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Dior Summer 2020 Color Games Collection

Color Games Dior’s Summer 2020 Collection inspired by sports games, where the rules are fun and enjoyable by reinventing healthy, dynamic and fun beauty.

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The collection was designed by creative director and makeup artist Peter Phillips, the products in the collection come in vibrant shades, suitable for an active woman with confidence.

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Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette

Plate with 5 shades of bright colors and soft shades to create vivid and playful combinations. The silhouettes of the brand are embedded in the silhouettes. The bracket is equipped with two double-sided applicators and a built-in mirror and is offered in two different shades of combinations, which allow to create a smoky or fresh monochromatic declarative and energetic statement:

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  • 287 Dive - a pair of cool blue tones is enhanced by peach, pink and plum shades
  • 897 Sprint - an array of brown and orange tones stimulated by a conductor pink

Dior Diorshow Color & Contour

Double-sided ceramic pencil: On one (thick) side, a light-colored ceramic silhouette designed to be applied to the entire eyelid area or as a point of light above it, and on the other side (the thin) rich pigmented pencil / eyeliner designed for the delineation and definition of the eye. The contrast of the intensity and transparency between the shadows and the pencil allows to create a playful and radiant eye makeup look.

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  • 001 Gold / Blue - fine gold shade and dark blue eyeliner pencil
  • 002 Brown / Peach - peach eyeshadow and dark brown pencil eyeliner

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Dior Diorskin Mineral Nude Glow

Glowing powder is enriched with pearls and minerals, which captures the light and gives the skin a healthy glow. The lightweight formula blends easily with the skin, allowing it to breathe while protecting it from external stressors and infections. The powder is embossed with brand letters in a circle and is available in two different shades:

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  • 001 Pink Flame - pink
  • 002 Coral Flame - coral

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Dior Diorskin Mineral Nude Bronze

Bronzer enriched with golden or pink minerals that capture the light and wash the skin with a healthy, glowing tan appearance. The bronzer is designed in two shades, with the centre letters of the brand in a circular shape. One of the shades is designed to warm and enhance the skin tone, while the other is to wash your cheeks with a burst of energy.

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  • 001 Light Flame - light bronze to light complexion
  • 002 Hot Flame - hot bronze for dark complexion

Dior Diorskin Rouge

Long-lasting ultra-pigmented blush formula. Its shade is given to its build and it blends perfectly with the skin. Like the other braces in the collection, the blush also has the brand letters on it.

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  • 431 Peach Volley - vigorous coral
  • 485 Pink Pong - playful pink

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Dior Addict Stellar Shine

Moisturizing balm-rich lip balm that provides a glossy finish for up to eight hours. Its formula blends in with the lips and gives them a toned tone while nurturing them. Its formula is enriched with various aloe vera oils, oils and waxes that provide moisturizing lips for 24 hours and has an addictive vanilla aroma with a touch of musk. The balm lipstick is available in three different finishes: sheer sheen, shimmer and mirror effect. The lipstick is available in 12 different shades of pink:

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  • 607 Porcelain Pink - ancient pink
  • 608 Sweet Pink - pink cherry
  • 876 Bal Pink - dark raspberry
  • 899 Dusk Pink - pink
  • 983 Night Pink - dark plum
  • 961 Pink Pink - raspberry pink

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  • 896 Electric Pink - dark pink
  • 885 Flamingo Pink - pink magenta
  • 609 French Pink - pearl brown pink
  • 572 Pearl Pink - light pink
  • 452 Ibis Pink - pink coral
  • 871 Peony Pink - pink plum

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer

Lip Gloss with a lip balm effect, having a mint fragrance formula that gives a fresh feeling along with rich moisture and shine.

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  • 016 Shimmer Nude - bright beige
  • 019 Tokyo Pink - shiny pink
  • 020 Brown - chocolate brown

Dior Vernis

Vibrant shades with a Bergamot Nilva fragrance. The finish of the polishes is as glossy and smooth as gel. Their formula contains organic silicone that strengthens the nail surface, while a polymer-technical one creates a perfect grip between the nail and the nail for long-lasting durability.

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Photos credited to Dior Beauty

  • 120 Ready - pastel yellow
  • 208 Set - bluish green
  • 230 Go - bright orange

The Dior Summer 2020 Color Games Collection is available online here


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