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Monday, 17 June 2019

Dior Spring 2019 LOLLI'GLOW Collection

Dior’s new Spring 2019 make-up collection comes with the cutesy name LOLLI'GLOW!

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Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup Peter Philips, presents a fancy-full world of pop colors that mimic candies and sorbets. Springtime glow comes in such shades as pastel pink and tangy coral.

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Dior’s Lolli'Glow Double Rouge

A limited edition matte metal color and couture contour lipstick, Double Rouge produces an ombré effect with a highly pigmented satin contour and light-catching matte heart. Upon application, the two shades are harmonized, with a fine finish and an impression of volume.

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  • 546 Bubble Gum - intense satiny and matte bright pink
  • 322 Candy Cane -  intense satiny and matte garnet red
  • 353 Popsicle -  intense pearly and satiny magenta pink
  • 656 Tutti Frutti - a satiny and matte peach pink

"The difficulty was finding the right combinations of a darker, satiny contour and a lighter, matte heart that would highlight the curve of the lips and thus simulate volume. It is an on-the-go product that is easy to wear and yet capable of recreating a professional makeup result.” Peter Philips.

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Dior’s Lolli'Glow 5 Couleurs

The 5 Couleurs Lolli'Glow eye-shadow palette with a variety of textures is celebrating spring with two pastel color combinations featuring a candy stick motif:
  • 257 Sugar Shade - a chocolate/strawberry duo heightened with an icy blue
  • 447 Mellow Shade - a harmonious blend of lemon, pistachio and peach

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Dior’s Lolli'Glow Rosy Glow

The Rosy Glow blush is now available in a limited edition fresh and delectably pearly pink. Two shades of pink intertwine in the middle of the blush: a bright pink infused with eosin and a softer, pearly pink.

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Lolli'Glow Diorskin Nude Luminizer

Diorskin Nude Luminizer Lolli'Glow powder is a highlighter/bronzer that instantly illuminates the complexion fwith an iridescent sheen and enhances the face with a multidimensional glow. With a high concentration of pearlescent pigments, this highlighter structures the face and revives the complexion with a radiant glow.

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  • 007 Peach Delight - a light and pearly peach pink
  • 008 Pink Delight - a light and pearly petal pink

"It's an incredible, versatile product: the powder plays with strategic areas to bring a new dimension to makeup and is perfect for strobing. It can also be used to give a little beauty boost during the day when makeup starts to fade," explains Peter Philips.
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Diorshow Bold Brow - Limited Edition

Diorshow Bold Brow, eyebrow mascara for structure and shine, is available in the limited edition shade 006 Frosted that deposits a frosted finish on the brows to enhance the eyes with a natural highlight.

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Diorshow On Stage Liner - Limited Edition

Diorshow On Stage Liner maintains a precise line for 24 hours straight, now available in 3 limited edition pastel shades:
  • 451 Matte Pastel Green - a matte and intense pastel green
  • 241 Matte Pastel Blue - a matte and intense azure blue
  • 761 Matte Pastel Pink - a matte and intense salmon pink

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Dior Lip Sugar Scrub - Limited Edition

Dior Addict Lip Sugar Scrub, a self-vanishing sweet exfoliating lip balm with a color awakening powers, is now available in a limited edition raspberry pink shade
  • 002 Raspberry: a light raspberry pink with a satiny finish

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Dior Vernis Pop'n'glow - Limited Edition

Dior invites you to take the spring look to your fingertips with the 4 exclusive scented pop shades:
  • 764 - A soft pink
  • 310 - A pastel yellow
  • 984 - A fondant chocolate
  • 774 - An intense pink
"The nail lacquer boasts long-wear color and shine. The icing on the cake, these nail lacquers are scented with a delicious touch of raspberry."

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Photos Credited to DIOR Makeup
Dior Spring 2019 LOLLI'GLOW Collection is available online here! and from leading Dior counters.

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