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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

ColourPop x Delilah's Make-A-Wish Collection

Helping Dreams come Through with ColourPop Cosmetics!

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ColourPop has launched a very heart-warming limited-edition collection in collaboration Delilah Juarez. Partnering with the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Southern Nevada ColourPop has granted 17-year-old beauty lover Delilah Juarez's wish: The chance to create her own makeup line, and according to a press release, the ColourPop x Make-A-Wish Collection was created specifically with cancer patients in mind.

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Delilah has osteosarcoma, a rare type of bone cancer that affects the tissue-making process. After being diagnosed, she wanted to craft a collection that would help other cancer patients be more confident in their appearance. Treatment can alter how a patient looks and with the ColourPop collection, patients can take control of their appearance and express themselves through makeup.

“Makeup makes you feel more confident, honestly. It made me feel confident and I wanted to dedicate my makeup line to cancer patients, kids, or anyone who wants to wear makeup to make them feel pretty and confident.” Delilah Juarez

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The collection housed in navy blue and gold packaging include four Super Shock Shadows and a lip bundle containing one Ultra Satin Lip and two Ultra Glossy Lips. Each named special by Delilah in what she experienced throughout her cancer journey.
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Delilah x ColourPop Journey

Super Shock Shadow foursome with long-wearing crème powders.

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  • Okay - soft gold with silver glitter - “When I was going through pain or hard times in my cancer journey, I would tell myself it was going to be OK." - Delilah
  • DJ - vibrant metallic copper - "These are my initials and I wanted to have my initials in it" - Delilah

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  • Cherish – bronze with sliver glitter - "Look around and cherish the now" - Delilah
  • Warrior - blackened teal with turquoise glitter - "Childhood cancer warriors are strong and bold" - Delilah

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Delilah x ColourPop Strength

A creamy, bold lipstick collection with Ultra Satin Lip and Ultra Glossy Lip.

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  • Wish Ultra Satin Lip - Warm beige with a peachy undertone - “In honour of Make-A-Wish" - Delilah
  • New Day Ultra Glossy Lip - sheer light nude - "Every sunrise was a new day to slay" - Delilah
  • JJ Ultra Glossy Lip - soft raspberry - "I love my little sister and she loves make up, so I wanted her initials in it." - Delilah

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Photos credited to ColourPop Cosmetics

The ColourPop x Make-A-Wish Collection is available online now! with 20% of the proceeds going directly to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, to help them ensure other kids like Delilah can have their wishes granted. Shop the ColourPop x Make-A-Wish Collection here and help make dreams comes through.

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