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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Paris Hilton Skincare Line Pro D.N.A

Paris Hilton’s new skincare line Pro D.N.A Contains Diamond Powder and Truffles……

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I know I’m slow of the mark here with the new line of skincare Pro D.N.A. from entrepreneur, DJ and former reality star Paris Hilton, but lets have a look and learn some more.

Hilton unveiled the anti-aging line Pro D.N.A. in late June of this year, manufactured and packaged in Los Angeles, the line of products are made with natural ingredients sourced from all over the world. The range, features powerful enzymes derived from marine microalgae and a complex of natural active ingredients, based upon an in-house ingredient called GenoMatrix, which helps penetrate deep within the layers of skin to support the body’s natural DNA repair mechanism to counteract the effects of aging from the inside.

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“After years of trying everything out there, I decided to look into creating my own line with all the ingredients that have worked to keep my skin healthy and looking great. I have always been into skin care and being all natural, so I wanted to create the perfect skincare line for anti-aging,” – Paris Hilton .

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“So many young girls are turning to cosmetic surgeries and invasive procedures, at an even younger age than before, and I want to help show them that there is a better way and it is possible to stay looking young and radiant without all of that,”

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Products in the line include Advanced Recovery Serum, Lift & Firm Eye Cream, Dual Action Cleansing Gel and Face & Décolletage Cream. These lovely elixirs come as an addition to her Paris Hilton Skincare company, which previously only sold one item; a Unicorn Mist Rose Water.

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Dual Action Cleansing Gel

The first step in the Pro D.N.A. line, the  essential 2-in-1 first step cleanser is formulated with Caviar Lime - an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) known for having superb exfoliation properties and delivering vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants - the Pro D.N.A. Dual-Action Gel Cleanser is the essential first step in any age-delay regimen. Suitable for morning and night, the specialized formula lifts away dirt, impurities, and waterproof makeup, while it’s gentle enough to maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance, leaving skin bright and energized.

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Lift and Firm Eye Cream

The specially formulated multitasking eye-perfecting treatment, composed of robust active ingredients GenoMatrix and Persian Silk Tree extract, the Lift & Firm Eye Cream is age-defying skincare. The fast-absorbing, silky formula instantly heals, illuminates, and firms the skin to curtail signs of aging in the skin surrounding the eye and eyelid. The formula harnesses the benefits of microalgae enzymes native to the Mediterranean Sea to counteract fine lines and wrinkles by supporting the skin’s natural DNA repair process. Simultaneously, Persian Silk Tree extract supports and nourishes the skin from deep within to diminish dark circles and puffiness. The eye area is left hydrated, appearing rested and brightened, and within 14 days wrinkles are visibly diminished.

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Face & Décolletage Cream

A silky, multi-purpose facial and décolletage cream that yields energized, revitalized and seemingly ageless skin, for both day and night use. ProD.N.A. Face & Décolletage Cream is as indulgent as it is powerful. The cream employs the advanced repair technology of GenoMatrix to diminish the appearance of an aging complexion while hydrating skin and blocking it from free radical deterioration. Powerful enzymes and Marine Collagen improve firmness and restore elasticity in dull skin, while Kakadu Plum reduces hyperpigmentation and alleviates UV damage. Hyaluronic acid offers continuous moisture, leaving skin feeling hydrated and supple. This face and décolletage cream acts as the perfect morning primer for makeup application and is also ideal for overnight repair to wake up to a more vibrant, energized and youthful complexion. Suitable for all skin types, ProD.N.A. Face & Décolletage Cream melts on contact, penetrating deeply to unveil healthier skin.

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Photos credited to Paris Hilton Skincare

Advanced Recovery Serum

This high-potency, lightweight serum completes your everyday skincare routine by utilizing ground breaking repair enzymes for a rejuvenated, age-defying complexion. Formulated with GenoMatrix II, this exclusive serum is a proprietary complex containing a high concentration of ultra-purified repair enzymes derived from a strain of microalgae native to the Mediterranean Sea. Signs of aging (wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, dryness) gradually appear when skin replicates damaged cells. Within 30 minutes, the enzymes in the serum go to work to support the skin’s ability to repair DNA, resulting in healthier skin cells. Over time, the ProD.N.A. Advanced Recovery Serum softens the look of fine lines and wrinkles while promoting a firmer, more toned-looking complexion. An airless dropper protects the formulation's potency and an Auto-Load Pipette dispenses a precise amount. The serum works at the deepest level to help reveal a more youthful-looking complexion from within, making skin look as good as it feels.

Paris Hilton Pro D.N.A skincare is available on line from

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