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Wednesday, 26 September 2018

NARS New Makeup Products For Autumn 2018

Discovery NARS new products for Autumn 2018!

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NARS Cosmetics launches atray of new prosucts for the autumn season with exclusive palette of eye shadows and lipsticks, luminous lipgloss, colored eye primers, naked liquid lipsticks and eyebrow pencils.

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NARS Primer Eyeshadow Tinted Smudge Proof

The iconic NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base Primer is renewed with two new shades that match the skin tone. The new primer neutralizes the discolorations, maximizes the intensity of the color of the makeup and prolongs the seal. Thanks to its ultra-resistant formula it does not smudge, does not crack, guaranteeing shine and a delicate surface. The NARS Tinted Smudge Proof Primer increases the durability of the eyeshadow thanks to a blend of unique polymers and mineral powders that intensifies the color of the makeup for a long-lasting look. Moreover, thanks to its nude color, it uniforms the color of the eyelids and redness ensuring a uniform and perfect base. Thanks to the exclusive extract obtained from the sea depths and with an extract of rice with anti-oxidant properties, the NARS Cosmetics eye shadow primer nourishes and protects the eyelids. (Priced €27.00)

  • Light - for light skin
  • Medium - for medium-dark skin

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NARS Danger Control Eyeshadow Palette
A limited edition eye palette consists of 6 intense holographic and glittery high impact, ultra pigmented shades that slide easily on the eyelids for a velvety finish. The formula, obtained from a botanical infusion of pomegranate seed oil, vitamin E and gingko biloba extract that moisturizes the skin, creates the perfect base for an intense and radiant color. NARS Danger Control Palette shades can be applied with a wet or dry brush, jointly or used individually for a dramatic finish. (Priced € 39.00)

  • Rave - silver
  • Elektra - rose with golden shades
  • Aeryn Sun - pale pink
  • Bionic - iridescent yellow
  • Haedus - iridescent purple
  • Tonic - lilac
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NARS Brow Perfector Mattie Eyebrows 

Eyebrows defined in a natural way with the brand new NARS Brow Perfector in eight natural shades and double-ended design. A new automatic eyebrow pencils with an oval tip that allows the smooth lines of natural eyebrows to be easily reconstructed and blended, while the sturdy brush spreads the color and helps to create a perfect shape. The innovative formula is easily applied, for a lasting result and a rich color. (Priced €23.00)

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NARS Liquid Lipstick Velvet Lip Glide

NARS beloved liquid lipstick Velvet Lip Glide, gives the lips an intense color and a pleasant feeling of comfort. Their unique hybrid formula ensures a high hold without being ever sticky, an intense color with a high impact and a satin finish. Precious oils are mixed to create a soft and delicate effect on the lips. There are five new seductive shades of liquid lipsticks, all in shades of nude. (Priced €26.00)

  • Marsw - arm brown
  • Paradise Garage - delicate plum
  • Roseland - pink blush
  • Swing - neutral pink
  • Xenon - light mauve

NARS Full Vinyl Lip Lacquer
Lips in the foreground with the new limited edition Full Vinyl Lip Lacquer, spectacular iridescent glosses characterized by intense colors and a glass effect. The velvety texture spreads evenly, the opaque and easy to overlap colors guarantee a mirror finish thanks to the intense pigments, while the Vitamin E provides hydration. The exclusive double bristle applicator is composed of a plush side, which spreads the ideal quantity of color on the lips, and on one side smooth, to distribute the pigments in a homogeneous way and intensify their brilliance. (Priced €26.00)

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  • Abruzzo - metallic golden rose
  • At First Sight - pearly light golden
  • Algarve - duo-chrome lavender pink
  • Baden Baden - intense aubergine color
  • Cape Town - metallic gold with pink reflections
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  • Conquest - hot pink
  • Everglades - golden black pearly effect
  • Red District - bright red
  • Santo Domingo - mauve rose
  • Valencia - bright coral pink

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Photos credited to NARS Cosmetics

NARS Palette Labbra 7 Deadly Sins
Part of the NARS Fall 2018 Color Collection, is inspired by the seven deadly sins. Inside there are seven new shades of creamy lipstick from the most audacious to the most natural but intense, declined in a soft matte finish. (Priced €45.00)

  • Pride - beige nude
  • Disobedience - pink candy
  • Idolatry - peach rose
  • Foolishness - crimson red
  • Greed - cherry red
  • Wrath - burgundy
  • Sloth - blueberry
NARS new makeup products for Fall 2018 are available now from Sephora, leading NARS boutiques and online here

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