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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Givenchy Fall 2018 Collection Midnight Skies

Take a stroll with a loved one under the autumn starry midnight skies, snuggle up and enjoy a glass of red wine. Givenchy’s Autumn 2018 Collection Midnight Skies  a collection full of mystery, temptation and sensuality!

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Nicolas Degenne, art director for Givenchy took inspiration from the famous black dress created by Hubert de Givenchy for Audrey Hepburn in the classic movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Inspired by the exquisite beauty and elegance of the Black Dress, Givenchy Midnight Skies Collection of red and sliver shades complement each other and together create an autumn image in red tones.
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Midnight Skies Sparkling Prisme Quatuor

The eye-catching four-color eye palette is the star of the collection, housed in a black leather case with an unusual combination of instance but radiant shades of silver-gray, olive green, brown and red. Brand new mother-of-pearl particles give the eyeshadow a brighter brilliance, while the evolved red color particles give the perfect coverage, bringing an incredible star-like brilliance to the eyes.

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Midnight Skies Noir Interdit Lash Extension Effect Mascara

Givenchy's technical team created a mascara that can be bent to 90 degrees with a breakthrough corner design, allowing the mascara brush to penetrate deeper into the lashes, extending each lash to the perfect state of the thickest curl, with waxy ingredients, black roses essential oils and red mother-of-pearl particles create a sleek, eye-catching, and radiant glow. This mascara also adds eye-catching vitamins to nourish fragile eyelashes, making both health and beauty a success.
  • 02 Dark Red - dark burgundy red

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Midnight Skies Mascara Top Coat Encre a Cils

This limited-edition mascara also incorporates red mother-of-pearl particles to give a bright look with a high-color mascara effect. Uses a natural curvature of the "beauty eyelash cotton lint mascara brush". Used as a top coat mascara (over the general mascara, usually with waterproof, anti-make off effect), to enhance the color concentration and adhesion, and enhance the eye-catching charm of fashionable and bright eyes.
  • 05 Red Night - dark cherry with metallic finish

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Midnight Skies Liner Vinyl

A slender pen-like liquid liner also has added delicate red mother-of-pearl particles, adds a radiant glow with "focusing attention" effect, injects a unique personality aesthetic into your eye makeup.
  • 07 Red Night – burgundy red

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Midnight Skies Rouge Interdit Lipstick

A silky satin, elegant pearl-like red enhances the sexy temptation of the lips. Engraved with stars of different sizes and formulated with a rare black rose oil and light nourishing oil, creates a smooth and comfortable moisturizing feeling to the lips with added three-dimensional highlight.
  • 26 Midnight Red - red pearl

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Midnight Skies Le Vernis

To complete the collection Givenchy’s Le Vernis nail polish have a silky texture and a high-saturation formula. The exquisite burgundy shade of Cosmic Nightt has an added sparkle to it like exquisite jewels.
  • 08 Cosmic Night - classic red burgundy with pearl black

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Photos credited to Givenchy eauty

The limited edition Givenchy Fall 2018 Collection Midnight Skies is due to be released mid September, available online here and from leading Givenchy counters.

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