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Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Clarins Fall 2018 Joli Rouge & Nior Collection

Focuses on your eyes and lip with the Clarins Joli Rouge & Nior Collection.

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For autumn 2018 Clarins introduces a capsule collection where the main colors are red and black - Joli Rouge & Noir offers intense gaze and duochrome lips.

Housed in the original the Joli Rouge & Noir designed packaging, of shiny gold and decorated with drawings of eyes, mouths, lipsticks and mascara.

The small sophisticated, elegant collection includes exclusive double-color lipsticks, a new water-resistant gel eyeliner and an innovative super-volumizing mascara., which focuses only on the eye and lip.

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Clarins Rossetti Joli Rouge Gradation
Two shades in a single stick,  the new Joli Rouge Gradiation Lipsticks are characterized by the iconic formula reinvented for the collection in playful limited edition shades. The lighter tone of the lipstick highlights the central part of the lips, making them fuller, while the darker nuance creates contrast on the contour for defined, sculpted and full lips. Housed in gold packaging, embellished with a lip-themed pattern of small mouths and lipsticks. (Priced €25.00)
  • 801 Coral Gradation -  duo of oranges
  • 802 Red Gradation - cherry pink and mauve rose
  • 803 Plum Gradation - plum and bright red

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Gel Eyeliner Waterproof
Designed to recreate a perfect smoky eye and spectacular highly resistant graphic looks. Its water-resistant formula is fixed and remains unchanged for up to 12 hours without smudging or crumbling, giving depth and intensity to the eyes. (Priced €29.00)

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Photos and Video credited to Clarins

Mascara Supra Volume
The beloved double effect formula remains the same, designed to ensure full and volumized lashes, enriched with pigments rich in color and volumizing ingredients, such as wax cassie flower and panthenol. Clarins Joli Rouge & Nior Supra Volume Mascara is present in a playful limited edition pack decorated with stylized eyes and mini mascara. (Priced €28.00)

The Clarins Fall 2018 Joli Rouge & Nior Collection is available for a limited time from leading Clarins counters and online here

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