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Thursday, 19 April 2018

essie Spring Collection 2018

Your Beauty Gossip
The essie Spring 2018 Collection charts a course for chic in six sea-loving shades that channel cruise cool and a preppy nautical vibe. essie makes it easy to get ready for sunshine with a nautical palette that adds vivid color to your spring whites and a touch of elegance to sandaled feet. with a range of shades that go from splashy sea greens to fiery nautical red, each color in this collection feels like a classic reinvented. anchored in beauty with a punch of edgy chic, every woman of style will breeze through their day with this collection for its easy sophistication.

Your Beauty Gossip
With a cool breeze at the tailwind & essie  at the helm this sailing trip will be all stripes & sails. so, find the perfect spot on the cape, anchor down & cosy up in your cable knit with your perfect mate. as you grab your pass-port to sail and get ready to say bon boy-age!

essie pass-port to sail
A soft sandy beige nail polish lightly splashed in ivory shimmer (sheer)

essie anchor down
A preppy blue nail polish washed with pewter gray undertones (cream)

essie bon boy-age
A nautical mint green nail polish (cream)
Your Beauty Gossip
essie stripes & sails
An intense teal green nail polish (cream)

essie perfect mate
A pristine pop of coral pink nail polish (cream)

essie at the helm
A fire orange nail polish tinged with salmon red (cream)

The essie spring 2018 collection is available now from and leading essie retailers.

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