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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Essence Summer Collection 2018 Adventure Awaits Get Sunkissed

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Budget brand Essence is set to launch yet another make collection this summer, inspired by travels, adventures and diversity for the summer!

Essence invites us to travel and discover distant destinations such as Asia, Africa and the Orient to experience wonderful adventures full of memories and discovery. The products have embossed details that recall different countries of the world where beauty shines from nature, colors and traditions typical of those places rich in history.

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The Adventure Awaits Get Sunkissed Collection features bright colors, ornaments, ethnic motifs and wonderful tanning products, which reflect the influence of different cultures to create a summer look characterized by diversity.

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Essence Adventure Awaits Bronzing Eyeshadow Palette

Contains 6 shades inspired by the warm earth tones of the East, made of a high pigmentation formula with metallic finish, these shadows are soft and blendable.
  • 01 collect moments, not things!

Colors available:
  • joyful moment - ivory
  • golden moment - gold
  • sweet moment - light bronze
  • unforgettable moment - golden brown
  • beautiful moment - face powder
  • wow moment - burnt brown

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Essence Adventure Awaits Bronzing Stick 

Bronzing Sticks with a practical creamy texture formulated with shimmer microparticles that gives the complexion luminosity enhancing its natural tone. Dark and easy to blend, ideal for contouring.
  • 01 travel lover - clear
  • 02 travel makes me happy - dark

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Essence Adventure Awaits Jumbo Bronze

Duo bronzer with illuminant/blush, a compact powder in two shades that illuminates and sculpts the face for that classic "sunkissed" effect, suitable for both light and darker complexions. The wafer has embossed decorations in ethnic style.
  • 1 my happy place - bronzer and illuminating
  • 02 our happy place - bronzer and blush

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Essence Adventure Awaits Metallic Blush

Fine, silky and impalpable powders united by an elegant metallic finish. Intense and blendable, they are designed to revive the complexion making it radiant and elegantly enhancing the natural tone. On the wafer we find a embossed globe.
  • 01 wanderlust feeling - fishing with gold shimmer
  • 02 say hi to the world - rose with gold shimmer

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Essence Adventure Awaits Highlighting Blotting Paper

Original Highlighting Blotting Paper, characterized by particular sheets infused with shimmer micropowders to be placed on the face to create points of light enhancing the natural tanned color. Practical to use, simply by gently dabbing them on the skin: they are certainly the perfect illuminant even for quick touch-ups on the go!
  • 01 On the go beauties

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Essence Adventure Awaits Eye & Lip Liner

An intense pencil proposed in gold and metallic finish suitable for both eye and lip make-up. The soft, flowing and extremely pigmented lead gives brightness, helping to make every look absolutely unique and glam!
  • 01 Leaving some messages

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Essence Adventure Awaits Velvet Matte Lipstick

A silky, smooth and velvety lipstick with a high coverage, characterized by the inevitable matte finish, it is presented in an intense and saturated red orange, perfectly reminiscent of the typical African territories.
  • 01 Kisses from Africa – orange sunset red

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Essence Adventure Awaits Metallic Lipstick

A lipstick united by a bright metallic finish, with high coverage and consisting of a long-lasting and saturated formula of pigments. Available in two different shades, incorporates the typical warm and persuasive oriental shades.
  • 01 Kisses from the orient - intense plum with gold reflections
  • 02 Kisses from Asia - saturated rosewood with gold reflections

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Essence Adventure Awaits Scented Shimmer Body Lotion

A scented body lotion with a satin finish designed to enhance the first tan emphasizing the brightness. Light and easily absorbed, it is characterized by gold particles and a very pleasant oriental fragrance. Available in100ml tube.
  • 01 Explore, dream, discover

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Essence Adventure Awaits Body & Ankle Jewellery Tattoos

The most beautiful images and ornaments of Africa, Asia and the East decorate the body through the new Body & Ankle jewellery Tattoos, temporary tattoos for the body proposed in original ethnic motifs. Each pack contains two different sheets full of perfect ornaments to complete each type of look.

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Essence Adventure Awaits 3D Jewellery Nail Stickers

The 3D Jewellery Nail Stickers are also of ethnic inspiration, delicious nail decorations perfect for enhancing the manicure making it absolutely unique and original.

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Essence Adventure Awaits Passport Holder

A very original passport holder ready to accompany us on our adventures around the world!

The entire Essence Adventure Awaits Get Sunkissed Collection will be available from the end of May beginning of June 2018 in stores that distribute the brand across selected European countries.

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