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Friday, 16 March 2018


Your Beauty Gossip

Victoria Beckham has revealed that she is developing her own beauty line!

In a recent Facebook Live interview with Vice-President for EMEA Nicola Mendelsohn held at her flagship boutique in London, The fashion designer and former Spice Girl revealed  she is currently working on a range that involves color, skincare and fragrance.

“I’m actually developing my own color right now. And actually, my own skincare and fragrance too.”

"It’s going to be very scientific. I’m working with the best."

With speculation that the best could be celebrity dermatologist, Dr Harold Lancer.

“I see a dermatologist in LA, called Dr Harold Lancer, who is incredible. I’ve known him for years – he sorted my skin out. I used to have really problematic skin.”

VB debuted her first Victoria Beckham X Estée Lauder Collection in 2016 and brought back 10 of her favourite products from the original line, such as cream and powder highlighters and smokey eye shadows, along with 18 new products, including a dewy-finish crème blush and a matte-nude lipstick called 'Victoria' for a second collaboration in 2017.

With huge success with the two makeup collections, She tells Mendelsohn,

“I loved working with Estée Lauder. I learnt so much and it was a huge, huge success.
 I was very involved with the development of absolutely everything. 
Like with fashion, it was me developing what I wanted in my makeup bag.”

Continuing with the interview, VB excitingly hinted that the upcoming products will be unlike anything currently on the market. She said,

“As I woman, I want to create things that I want in my life and where I feel that there’s a gap.

“It’s never about copying what other people are doing. It’s ‘what do I want? What can’t I find?”

Your Beauty Gossip

Judging from her Estée Lauder Collection, we can guess what the new  makeup line be like, but what about the skincare range

“I’m having a lot of fun really working on the skincare, it’s  going to be very scientific.

“I’m working with great people that have a lot of  credibility in the industry. 
And again, I’m learning.”

While no further details have been released, or when we can expect the products to be released, this is one launch we will definitely be keeping our ears open for.


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