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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

KIKO Milano Metal Fusion Collection

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KIKO Milano launches Metal Fusion, a new limited edition make-up collection where the protagonist is an intense metallic finish!

The metallic effect is on trend, and KIKO Milano has dedicated a limited edition line of products to it: Metal Fusion pays tribute to the most glamorous makeup look of the moment. The key word is light, a metallic light that every product helps to create, amplify and enhance. The innovative hybrid textures surpass traditional limits by offering creamy powders and liquid consistencies. The finishes are super-metallic and ultra-bright, available in the most diverse shades to leave a resplendent veil on every type of complexion. The high concentrations of pearls help to reflect the light, while the sensorial formulas provide endless pleasure.

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It is a line with a futuristic flavour, which dazzles upon first glance. The drops of light of the brand new Metal Fusion Highlighting Drops and the iridescent effect of the new Unicorn Glow Fusion Powder Highlighter, which evokes the unicorn trend, enhance the skin with a dazzling effect; the pigments in the intense color of the Metal Fusion Blush, the result of the brand new Fusion Technology, and the iconic Water Eyeshadows, the three-dimensional wet & dry eyeshadows with extraordinary purity – which on this occasion feature super-metallic colors – complete a sparkling look to show off at any time.

KIKO Metal Fusion Blush
The creamy powder texture of this brand new formula takes advantage of the innovative Fusion Technology: the perfect fusion of colour and metallic pearls for an irresistible result. The soft and elastic powder provides an ultra-sensorial melting texture with a silky touch on the skin. Highly blendable and smooth-gliding, it ensures an adjustable effect. The mix of pearls and pigments provides the characteristic shimmering metallic finish, which increases the radiance and ensures instant colour release. This blush is ideal for highlighting and sculpting the facial features, brightening and highlighting the complexion.

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  • 01 Angelic Riot - neutral light peach
  • 02 Wild Rose - neutral antique rose
  • 03 Electric Mauve - cold mallow

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  • 04 Coral Profusion - bright coral
  • 05 Otrangeous Tangerine: intense warm orange
  • 06 Burned Earth - light neutral milk chocolate

KIKO Metal Fusion Highlighting Drop
The lightweight formula of this innovative product ensures a velvety and highlighting effect with adjustable coverage. Inspiring a new ritual, the ultra-fine metallic-effect liquid texture makes the skin bright and brilliant: drops of light for a radiant look. It features immediate colour pay-off thanks to the high concentration of pearlescent and metallic pigments, and a silky and even film with a radiant effect melts onto the skin. This highlighter is quick-drying and long-lasting, making it a real must-have: a liquid metal effect for an ultra-bright complexion.

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  • 01 Platinum Rose - hot pink
  • 02 Sweet Dream - light neutral bronze
  • 03 Gold Mine - gold

KIKO Glow Fusion Powder Highlighter
The new sensory texture of this powdered oil is creamy and easy to blend. Its innovative formula highlights the face with a velvety touch. Its blend of softening ingredients creates an exceptionally soft and gliding powder that leaves a long lasting feeling of comfort. On contact with the skin, it gives a flawless finish with a soft focus effect. The high concentration of pearls helps to create points of light and guarantees optimum color release with a buildable effect for every type of makeup, from soft contouring to a more pronounced effect.

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  • 01 Champagne
  • 02 Gold

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  • 03 Bronze
  • 04 Unicorn

KIKO Water Eyeshadow Metal Fusion
Revolutionary eyeshadow with instant color release and dual wet and dry use. A mixture of ground-breaking spherical powders for an outstanding color effect, bringing together extreme coverage, pure luminosity and long lasting. Its soft, creamy texture enables the creation of a multi-dimensional make up, for color with "bright" volumes and remarkable purity. Thanks to powders particular manufacture, this eyeshadow is easy to blend and offers immediate release of perfectly even color. The exclusive three-dimensional shape, with a special ergonomic design, facilitates product uptake, making it quick and easy. Enriched with moisturizing, smoothing active ingredients, Water Eyeshadow remains light and imperceptible on the eyelids.

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  • 200 Chamagne
  • 208 Light Gold
  • 234 Copper

The KIKO Milano Metal Fusion Collection is already available for purchase from KIKO Milano Stores and online from

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