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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Estée Lauder Lip and Eye Palettes for Spring 2018

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Estée Lauder welcomes Spring with their new Eyeshadow & Lip Palettes designed for a glamorous, elegant, versatile and sophisticated eye and lip make-up!

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There are three new eyeshadow palettes, ready to satisfy every need, and three lip palettes, designed for trendy and fashionable lips to choose from, each featuring a professionally curated selection of six complementary hues.

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The shades are spread across four different color harmonies – corals, nudes, plums, and smoky. Each of the palettes features a specially designed dual-ended brush and comes in a convenient mirrored case that easily slips into your bag to keep you covered in any makeup situation!
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Estée Lauder Golden Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

A collection of six golden nude shades that brighten, sculpt and define your eyes.
  • Fierce Safari - opaque warm beige
  • Defiant Nude - opaque chocolate brown
  • Fiery Saffron - warm satin gold
  • Rebel Metal - frosted light pink
  • Fierce Sable - light gold satin
  • Defiant Nude - opaque cream

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Estée Lauder Intense Nudes Lip Palette 

Features six neutral lip colors ranging from discreet nudes and rich browns.
  • Insatiable Ivory - warm ivory
  • Nude Cult - milk chocolate
  • Intense Nude - clear coffee
  • Discreet - brick
  • Irresistible - pink nude
  • Decadent - dark chocolate

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Estée Lauder Soft Coral Eyeshadow Palette 

Features six shadows ranging from trendy peachy hues to soft cocoa and metallic lilac.
  • Infamous Sky - matte warm pinkish beige
  • Captivating Cocoa - satin copper gold
  • Nude Dare - deep pink satin
  • Pink Mink - opaque light coral
  • Rebel Metal  - satin honey
  • Provocative Petal - matt cold beige

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Estée Lauder Reds Corals Lip Palette

A selection of six seductive lipsticks with hues ranging from full-on red to fierce coral and spicy copper.
  • Red Ego - burgundy
  • Vengeful Red - red wine
  • Envious - cold ruby ​​red
  • High Level - intense coral
  • Out of Control - rust
  • Fierce - intense warm red

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Estée Lauder Simply Smoky Eyeshadow Palette 

The ultimate smoky eye palette packed with six smouldering hues to brighten, sculpt, and define your eyes.
  • Dark Ego -  coal
  • Ivory Power - frosted light gray
  • Untamed Teal - light brown satin
  • Ivory Power - satin platinum
  • Ominous - nude satin beige
  • Savage Storm - opaque cream

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Estée Lauder Pinks Plums Lip Palette

Six lipsticks in shades ranging from provocative plum to powerful pink to subtle rose.
  • Insolent Plum - intense plum
  • Reckless - magenta
  • Dominant - intense raspberry
  • Powerful - fuchsia
  • Impulsive - intense hot pink
  • Rose Tea - mauve

Estée Lauder Lip and Eye Palettes for Spring 2018, are now available for purchase at Esté and Estée Lauder counters.

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