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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Essence launches Create & Transform Palette Collection

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For Spring 2018 Essence Cosmetics launches their new trend edition Create & Transform composed of three lively palette inspired by the painters' palette!

With Essence Create & Transform the make-up you create it. The My Wonder Palette available for face, eyes and lips, have the particularity of presenting, in addition to the normal shades, special top coats and mixing areas to create personalized nuances and their favorite finish.

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Essence Create & Transform My Wonder Eye Palette

The new My Wonder Eye Palette is dedicated to eye makeup, has 17 eyeshadows with different finishes to allow you to easily create every type of make up and to play with always different shades. In addition there are two topper to be applied above the classic shades, designed to ensure a totally personalized look with touches of light and magnetic reflections. Complete the palette, two powders for perfect eyebrows to define the shape and fill the eyebrows arch, important frame of the look. Thin and impalpable powders, Essence eyeshadows ensure optimal color rendering, while the presence of a handy applicator brush inside the palette makes it even easier to apply even for quick on-the-go adjustments.
  • 17 eyeshadow - compact powder eyeshadows
  • 2 eyebrow shades - two-tone eyebrow powders
  • 3 transformers - special effect top coat eyeshadows
  • 1 brush to apply eye shadows
  • 1 sponge applicator for transformers

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Essence Create & Transform My Wonder Face Palette

The My Wonder Face Palette is a true tool for professionals and for those who like to focus on face makeup and on an impeccable face base. Featuring 12 compact powder pods of blush, bronzer, illuminants and top coat to easily realize contouring, strobing, draping and highlighting, with special effects that give a holographic, luminous or golden finish that enhances the complexion.
  • 6 Blush
  • 3 Illuminants including 1 in cream
  • 3 Contouring + Bronzer powders
  • 3 Top Coat
  • 1 Brush to mix textures

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Essence Create & Transform My Wonder Lip Palette

The My Wonder Lip Palette composed of 17 lip pods that offer endless possibilities and combinations, allowing you to create a unique and very personal lipstick. Nude and rosy colors alternate with original shades such as intense blue, gold and violet for a particular lip makeup but super exploitable and adaptable to any occasion.. You can use the lipsticks shades individually or create new ones by mixing shades and adding a special effect top coat, giving a glittery, holographic or metallic finish to the created lipstick.
  • 17 lipsticks
  • 3 Transformers - Special effects coat
  • 1 lip balm
  • 1 mixing zone
  • 2 brushes to mix the nuances

Your Beauty Gossip

Essence Create & Transform My Wonder Palettes will be available from the start of April 2018.


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