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Monday, 12 March 2018

Essence Girl Squad Brushes Collection

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Essence Cosmetics launches a new, decidedly feminine and design trend. Girl Squad is a collection of makeup brushes and make-up accessories with a particular shape that recalls the feminine silhouette!

Not the usual brushes, The Essence Girl Squad Brush Collection is small works of art, characterized by a series of face and eye brushes, inspired by the world of fashion, models and catwalks. Each brush consists of a unique handle featuring a classic "figurine" feminine shape and each brush has a name of "girl power" that sends a positive and important message. The new Essence Girl Squad Brush Collection is designed for the very young but also for women who love functional and refined accessories. A unique collection of useful tools for make-up will sure become a real collector's item.

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Essence Girl Squad Face Brushes

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Contouring Carla, Be you bravely

Highlighting and Contouring angled brush for powders, consists of bristles with a wide and oblique cut surface, suitable both for contouring and for the application of blushes, illuminants and bronzers on the cheekbones.The look features a flowered shirt and blue trousers.

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Flawless Fonda, I am strong

The All Rounder face brush with compact bristles is suitable for widespread application of powder and liquid products, enhancing the natural brightness and uniformity complexion. The model wears yellow tank top, striped skirt and super sexy net stockings.

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Soft Sophie, Girl Boss

Face Perfector Brush is the face brush with wide, soft and tapered bristles that adequately capture the powders, distributing them on the face in an uniform way and remove excess powder from the eye contour. The design recalls the career woman, sunglasses, white top and checkered skirt.

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Undercover Carly, Not sorry

A small and compact, Concealer Brush is characterized by dense, short and compact bristles, facilitating the application of fluid and powder textures to reach every corner of the face blending without leaving marks. A simple day outfit with skinny jeans is the look featured on this brush.

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Cloudy Cloe

Pink Powder Puff for powder or illuminating. Pressed and loose powder can be generously applied on the face or body with the fluffy, soft bristles of the powder puff. A simple casual look of skinny jeans and T-shit is featured.

Essence Girl Squad Eye Brushes

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Easy Elsa, Afraid of nothing

A flat Eyeshadow Brush, given the considerable width and density of the bristles, is suitable for a generous application of powders and creams, in the creation of an impeccable eye base. This time the look is summer, a perfect sundeck for the holidays.

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Blending Betty, Get it girl

The feather light Blending Brush is characterized by soft and rounded synthetic bristles suitable for mixing both powder and cream eyeshadows. The model is dressed in a total denim look. brush for wide shades.

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Slim Selena, Girls rule the word

A Brow and Liner Brush with thin, compact bristles is ideal for tracing graphic lines and precise strokes. The perfect eyeliner and eyebrow brush for an intense look and attention to detail.Eyes closed and denim overalls for the girl drawn on the handle.

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Angled Angie, Proud to be a girl

The Angled Smokey Eye Brush is made up of oblique cut bristles, perfect for shading eyeshadows adequately, characterizing a perfect intense and decisive smokey. On the handle we see a day look with striped shirt and yellow cardigan.

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Essence Girl Squad Set Sponges Make Up

Beauty Blender set contains sponges of different sizes to reach any part of the face. The set includes two drop sponges, an hourglass beauty blender and a flat sponge for fingers, perfect for the eye contour area.
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Essence Girl Squad Accessories

Accessories in this trend edition we find the Make-up Bag, transparent with pink edges, to keep all the brushes in the collection; a Tweezers for eyebrows and Stickers to customize or nail brushes clutch door.
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The Essence Girl Squad Brush Collection will be available between the end of March and the beginning of April at all the essence brand 

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