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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Diorshow 2018 Collection

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Diorshow series of the prestigious beauty brand "Dior" expands in the spring of 2018 and brings with it a colorful rainbow of new On Stage Liners, new shades of Pump & Volume Mascara and All Day Brow Ink.

Earlier this year, in the fashion show of "Dior" for fall / winter 2018, the main makeup artist of the brand, Peter Phillips, used Dior’s new product On Stage Liners, to create a graphical eye sight. Matt-pink, burgundy, and yellow trimmed the line of the upper and lower eyelashes carelessly. Phillips explained “I didn’t want makeup that was too pretty,” explained makeup artist Peter Philips backstage, drawing the lines so that they ended just before the inner and outer corner of the eyes to subversive effect. “The blunt liner is cool and conceptual, but not [too] precious. You can say what you have to say and be taken seriously, but also show that you have fun with [your makeup] and enjoying being a creative woman.”

Your Beauty Gossip

The eyeliner has a very flexible hybrid applicator- that is part felt-tip part brush, allowing you to create a number of styles. The formula has a long term rich in compact pigments, ensuring a grip of up to 24 hours without fading at all.

Your Beauty Gossip

Diorshow On Stage Liner

Arrives in no less than 15 shades, in matte and shimmer finish, ranging from chalky white and flashing yellow, to bubble gum pink, burgundy red, aquatic blues and deep purples.

Here are some of the most significant shades proposed by Dior:
  • 096 Vinyl Black - black vinyl
  • 001 Matte White - opaque white
  • 851 Matte Pink - opaque pink
  • 461 Matte Pop Green - bright matt green
  • 351 Pearly Turquoise - pearly turquoise
  • 861 Matte Red - opaque red
  • 261 Matte Pop Blue - intense opaque blue
  • 541 Matte Yellow - opaque yellow

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Diorshow Pump'N Volume Mascara

The famous mascara Diorshow Pump'N Volume, which gives lashes exaggerated by extreme volume, is dressed in four new shades and is also enriched with a waterproof version.
  • 160 Purple Pump - purple
  • 260 Blue Pump - blue
  • 640 Coral Pump - coral
  • 840 Pink Pump - pink

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Diorshow All-Day Brow Ink

Is designed to color the skin beneath the brows, giving you a long-lasting tattooed effect. The Brow Ink is paired with a specially designed beveled applicator that ensures easy handling and perfect definition. The long-lasting formula provides 36 hours fade-proof and smudge-resistant wear, yet it wipes off easily with your regular makeup remover. The brow ink is available in three shades:
  • Light
  • Medium
  • Dark
Dior’s new Diorshow 2018 Collection is available early April 2018 from leading Dior counters and online from Sephora.


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