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Monday, 12 February 2018

KIKO MILANO Spring/Summer 2018 Collection Free Soul

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KIKO MILANO presents a unique experience this spring with the Free Soul Collection. Inspired by the joyful and colorful Gypsy atmosphere, the collection makes us indulge in past open-air adventures and summer nights and anticipate the sunny spring days.

Free Soul is joy and freedom to be oneself, but also to dare.

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The style is multi-ethnic, which emphasises uniqueness in regard to diversity: makeup bases are suitable for all skin tones, for a flawless face with the baking technique; the complexion pre-empts the first rays of sunshine by wearing a natural appearance makeup effect thanks to a brand new texture, able to adapt to the colour of the skin and warm it up by one tone; every eye shape is beautifully enhanced, while a smile plays on intensely coloured lip.

Designed specially by the designer Ross Lovegrove, the green water packaging recall spring, while the decorations on the pallets evoke the sinuous movements of silk moved by the wind and echo the free spirit of the collection. Sun, color and light-heartedness meet an elegant femininity. In addition to high-quality make-up products KIKO Milano Free Soul Collection includes a face cream, eye cream and matching accessories for an exciting and original total look.

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Free Soul Blush (€14.95)

Cream blush and highlighter palette to use alone or together. The palette offers a wet-effect blush, which gives a feeling of freshness on the skin during application, making it extremely easy to use and pleasant The extreme color payoff is largely enhanced when combined with the highlighter, which makes the facial features sparkle. Available in 3 shades:
  • 01 Biscuit Chance
  • 02 Coral Vibes
  • 03 Brave Mauve

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Free Soul Concealer (€8.95)

High-coverage fluid corrector that camouflages imperfections and ensures a uniform and natural correction. The high covering power is combined with a light and easy to spread consistency. The product is extremely modular and ideal for uniforming the complexion with the baking technique.
Available in 5 shades to meet the needs of all skin tones. 
  • 01 Pale Rose
  • 02 Bright Honey
  • 03 Radiant Peach
  • 04 Caramel Shine
  • 05 White Light

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Fee Soul Highlighter (€12.95)

Illuminating powder with a silky touch in three colors. The pleasant and light texture, enriched with lighting pearls, gives a truly unique brightness. The high concentration of pearl helps to easily create points of light and ensures excellent color release with adjustable results. Also ideal for making the baking technique. Available in one single color containing 3 shades.

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Free Soul Liquid Bronzer (€15.95)

Smart tanning fluid earth. The texture is able to adapt to the color of the skin by heating it with a tone.Ideal for sculpting facial features, it offers a totally customizable coverage thanks to the liquid texture. The consistency is pleasant and light. Faithful to the "Free Soul" style, Free Soul Liquid Bronzer is enhanced by an elegant glass bottle preserves the bronzer formula. Available in 2 shades:
  • 01 Natural Beige
  • 02 Sienna

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Free Soul Baking Powder (€9.95)

Fixing and opaque face powder. The silky-smooth texture opaque and smoothes the skin, making the complexion look even better for a selfie-proof face. In application, the texture adheres perfectly and gives the face a delicate and impalpable "second skin" effect. The touch is soft and pleasantly velvety. Furthermore, the powder fixes the makeup improving its tightness. Also ideal for making the baking technique. Available in 2 shades:
  • 01 Banana
  • 02 Peach

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Free Soul Eyeshadow Palette (€15.95)

Palette of 4 silky and pigmented eye shadows. The palette consists of 3 intense eye shadows matte finish and 1 ultra-metallic finish, all with a full color release. The palette is enhanced by an elegant pack with a bright matte finish, equipped with an applicator and an internal mirror. Available in 2 shades:
  • 01 Free Spirit
  • 02 Find Yourself

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Free Soul Peel Off Brow (€8.95)

Colored gel for eyebrows. An innovative product for always perfect eyebrows. Thanks to the peel off formula, the gel is easy to apply and remove. The gel defines the eyebrows precisely, without smudging, giving a natural and delicate effect. Available in 3 shades:
  • 01 Blonde
  • 02 Brown
  • 03 Brunette

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Free Soul Mascara (€12.95)

Curving mascara volume effect. The particular bending of the applicator and the fiber brush facilitate the immediate curvature of the eyelashes. The texture does not weigh down the lashes and ensures a high level of definition. Available in 3 shades:
  • 01 Soulmate Black
  • 02 Burgundy Ride
  • 03 No Limits Lilac

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Free Soul Eye Liner (€7.95)

Pencil liner for the inner and outer eye with instant color release. The pure pigmented texture ensures an intense and instant color payoff, as well as flawless high-definition eye makeup. Easy to apply and gives your eyes intense color. The pencil replicates the glide. Allows an even, high-definition line with perfect hold, even on the lower eyelid. Available in 6 shades:
  • 01 No Limits Lilac
  • 02 Burgundy Ride
  • 03 Navy Kinship
  • 04 Limitless Forest
  • 05 Mindful Earth
  • 06 Soulmate Black

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Free Soul Eye and Lip Liner (€8.95)

Water-resistant eye and lip liner. This innovative multipurpose liner for the outer eye and lips is ideal for creating decorations on the lips and giving the eyes a touch of light: for a jewelled makeup effect. The long-lasting texture does not leave marks thanks to the no-transfer effect and is perfect for enhancing and outlining the lips (like a pencil) and the outer eye (like an eyeliner) with an elegant golden colour. Available in one single gold colour.

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Free Soul Lipstick (€10.95)

Comfortable lipstick with a matte finish and an intense, ultra-pigmented color. The velvety texture, pleasant to the application, dresses the lips with a total covering color. The uniform finish gives the lips a trendy opaque effect. Available in shades:
  • 01 Wild Rose Heart
  • 02 Break Free Bric
  • 03 Red Soul Awake
  • 04 Keep Moving Coral
  • 05 Free Your Magenta
  • 06 Breathe Out Amaranth

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Free Soul Nail Polish (€4.95)

Nail polish with a professional finish, bright color up to 5 days. The fluidity of the texture is ideal for a perfect control in drafting and for a professional finish that lasts up to 5 days. Available in 4 shades:
  • 01 Find The Coral
  • 02 Shake The World Rose
  • 03 Rose Friendship
  • 04 Grape Honest Truth

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Free Soul Blurring & Moisturizing Face Cream (€22.95)

Moisturizing face cream that perfects the skin giving an immediate smoothing and velvety effect. The skin looks young and fresh, the innovative texture offers a unique sensorial experience. Enriched with hyaluronic acid and collagen, it keeps the skin hydrated and smooth over time.

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Free Soul Blurring Eye Balm (€15.95)

Balm eye contour perfector effect freshness and brightness instantly smooth and brighten the eye contour. The texture blends on the skin, awakening the eye contour and giving the look a fresh and luminous look.

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Free Soul Blush & Highlighter Brush (€14.95)

Brush to blend blush and illuminating. Thanks to the thick and compact bristles in synthetic fiber and the oblique haircut, this brush is ideal for applying blushes and illuminates. The cut was designed specifically to follow the shape of the zygomatic bone, so as to make it suitable for the realization of contouring. A multi-purpose accessory, perfect for make-up and perfect to always carry with you for "on the go" touch-ups.The handle with a refined, modern and professional look, and the golden finish ferrule make the brush a trendy accessory.

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Free Soul Bronzer Brush (€14.95)

Multi-use brush with soft synthetic fibers to apply and blend every type of face powder. Particularly suitable for tanning powders and for the baking technique, it will satisfy the most demanding addicted make-up, looking for a professional accessory. The handle with refined and modern aesthetics and the golden finish ferrule make the brush a trendy accessory that will embellish every clutch bag. The ergonomic and semi-rounded shape of the handle makes it easy to grip and allows a perfect control of the movements during drafting.

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Free Soul Double Eye Brush (€11.95)

Double brush with soft synthetic fibers to apply and blend powder and cream eyeshadows. The rounded tip allows you to blend large areas with ease, while the flat tip is ideal for laying creamy and powdered textures and for enhancing color.

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Free Soul Makeup Blender (€6.95)

Sponge for applying powder, foundation and fluid concealer. This original 3D sponge is ideal for easily applying makeup products. Thanks to the exclusive pyramid shape, it is possible to use different sides and edges of the sponge, to achieve super-precise results. Also ideal for achieving the baking technique.

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Free Soul Clutch bag (€14.95)
Practical and elegant, this clutch bag is perfect to contain the products of the Free Soul collection and always have KIKO Milano make-up products available. Embellished with the golden KK logo, it is ideal to carry with it for "on the go" touch-up with style. The fabric is washable and resistant. The green water color is in line with the spring spirit of the Free Soul collection.

KIKO Milano Spring/Summer2018 Free Soul collection is now available from KIKO Milano boutiques and KIKO Milano

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