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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Essence Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

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Budget friendly Essence Spring/Summer 2018 collection brings with it many innovative and cutting-edge cosmetics that are perfectly in line with current trends. Among the novelties you will find not only large pallets, but also colorful glitter pigments and freckles for individual styles as well as professional tools. These are just some examples among the many proposals with which Essence will make the most colorful season of the year unique, trendy dewy looks and a natural glow also play a big role in the new essence update.

Get Your Glitter On!

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Get Your Glitter On! Loose Glitters & Pigments €2.99
Coarse glitter flakes, colorful confetti or glitter dust - the various glitter pigments offer everything for a breathtakingly individual look. Individually worn, they create an insane wow look, combined with other glitter colors or shapes, they become a statement. Whether for face or body: get your glitter on!
  • 01 star child
  • 02 super girl
  • 03 life of the party
  • 04 punk piñata
  • 05 chameleon
  • 06 golden nuggets
  • 07 holo white out
  • 08 b-dazzled
  • 09 copper queen
  • 10 stay golden
  • 11 la la lagoon
  • 12 mint me
  • 13 on fire
  • 14 mermaid
  • 15 cotton candy

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Get Your Glitter On! Glitter Primer €2.79
The primer is the ideal base to apply any kind of glitter and can be used on the face as well as on the whole body.
  • 01 transparent

Your Beauty Gossip
Get Your Glitter On! Glitter Stick €2.49
The practical sticks can be used on the body and make it glitter in three metallic shades: gold, silver and rose gold.
  • 01 gold
  • 02 silver
  • 03 rose gold

Your Beauty Gossip
Get Your Glitter On! The Sili Helpers €1.49
Two silicone tools to apply the "get your glitter on!" - glitter particles optimally and cleanly.The narrow, beveled glitter & pigment applicator enables a simple and accurate application of glitter and pigments. The wider, flat glitter & pigment blender blends glitter pigments on the eyelid.
  • 01 glitter & pigment applicator
  • 02 glitter & pigment blender

Your Beauty Gossip

Get Your Glitter On! Tattoo You Body Tattoos €1.79
The cool tattoos can be applied to doodles, sparkling freckles and motifs with watercolors - for an individual style.
  • 01 doodle bomb
  • 02 freckle face
  • 03 sketch artist

Your Beauty Gossip

Get Your Glitter On! Make-up Bag €2.49
The make-up bag offers space for all cosmetic products and can be personalized and personalized on top. With the help of the included pens the printed elements can be painted and decorated.

Big Palettes

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My Only 1 Eyeshadow Palette €9.99
22 colors for a stunning eye make-up. Whether subtle nude tones, cool almost-black shades or bright pop-art colors - with this eyeshadow palette creativity knows no bounds and everything can be tried out.
  • 01 22 Eye-catching Looks

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Mix & Match Your Look Palette €6.99
An all-around palette for the eyes, lips and complexion that offers countless options such as contouring, chroming or eye-catching looks for the lips and eyes. Eight strong colors and white can be applied individually or mixed in the designated Godet, the Mixing Zone. The creamy textures become powdery when applied and provide eye-catching styles.
  • 10 Color Up Your Life

Your Beauty Gossip

My Only 1 Lipstick Palette €9.99
Creativity knows no bounds with this range of lipsticks. 22 light-texture colors can be mixed as desired in a dedicated area - the Mixing Zone - and combined into new favorite tones. Includes applicator for a simple job.
  • 01 22 Ways to Kiss

Let's Dew It!
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Holo Wow! Dewy Lip Shine €2.79
Fantastic holo effects on the lips are provided by the gloss with a light-reflecting, holographic shine. Applied individually or as a topper, it adds a new dimension to the lip color applied underneath.
  • 01 unicorn powder
  • 02 butterfly flap
  • 03 scarab wings
  • 04 dragonfly shimmer
  • 05 fairy dust

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I Love Dewy Eye Gloss €2.49
Applied as an eye shadow, it creates a natural glossy finish while the texture used as a top coat gives every eyeshadow a cool wet look.
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3D Dewy Look Stick €3.49
The ultimate "Dewy Summer Glow" gives the handy stick, because it accentuates the cheekbones without any glitter or shimmer particles. Gives a light wet look without greasing.
  • dewy is the new mat

Holo Wow!
Your Beauty Gosip

Holo Wow! Sparkle Stick €3.49
The practical stick with fine holographic pigments in pink and gold gives the cheekbones dazzling highlights.
  • sparkles in your life

Your Beauty Gossip
Holo Wow! Prism Jumbo Eye Pencil €2.79
Magical blue, intriguing pink, bright white and bright green - all with an iridescent color effect - give long-lasting eyeshadow or eyeliner styles.
  • 01 midsummer's dream
  • 02 my little fairy
  • 03 enchanted forest
  • 04 magic spell

Your Beauty Gossip

Holo Wow! Eye & Face Palette €3.99
Four holographic shades for eyes and complexion can be changed as desired: with the matte black, all colors can be intensified and lightened with the holographic silver. Absolutely unique!
  • 04 holo wow!

Glow To Go!
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Glow To Go! Highlighter Palette €4.49
A radiant and sun-kissed look on the face, on the neckline and the shoulders, the palette with two highlighters and bronzes, which can be worn individually or individually combined.
  • 10 sunkissed glow

Your Beauty Gossip
Glow To Go! Luminous Blush Paper €2.99
Blush Paper for quick and easy refreshing of make-up in between. The sheets give a rosy freshness or a subtle bronzing effect. Just lightly brush over the cheeks or cheekbones
  • 10 you make me blush
  • 20 kissed by the sun

Your Beauty Gossip

Glow To Go! Illuminating Setting Spray €3.29
The spray fixes the make-up and lets the skin immediately radiate through light-reflecting pigments. The blur effect compensates for small bumps in the skin.

Your Beauty Gossip

Glow Like a Mermaid Highlighter €3.49
The highlighter powder with six bright colors reminiscent of mermaid fins and leaves on the cheeks and face the shimmering shining of the underwater world.
  • 10 forever mermaid

Your Beauty Gossip

Storyteller! Eyeshadow Boxes €3.99
Each of the four exceptional palettes not only offers a selection of highly pigmented shades, but also tells their own story. Whether versatile nude variants with the "million nude faces", soft to intense rose tones with "in love with rose", atmospheric "Mermaid" look or holographic effects with "to the moon and back" - all palettes contain ten highly pigmented, long-lasting eye shadows with matt and pearly effects.
  • 01 #beYOUtiful
  • 02 & happily ever after
  • 03 my shell is my castle
  • 04 one way only

Your Beauty Gossip
Story of My Eyes Liquid Eyeshadow €3.99
One side with a strong, rather matte color effect, the other side with a shimmering glam finish - with the liquid eye-shadow pencils, a variety of looks are possible.
  • 10 roadtrippin
  • 20 city night lights
  • 30 love at first sight
  • 40 lunch date
  • 50 journey to the orient

It's All About Base!
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I Love Effects Eyeshadow Base €2.49
The base intensifies the effect of each eyeshadow applied over it and ensures that the eyeshadow does not settle in the eyelid fold.

Your Beauty Gossip

Volume Hero Mascara Power Black €2.99
The new Hero Mascara relies on extra volume and maximum lashes. The large elastomer volume brush absorbs a lot of texture and reaches every eyelash.

Super Curl Volume Mascara Eye-Opening €2.99
Endless volume coupled with a stunning eyelash swing and an eye-opening effect allows the mascara with curved elastomer brush.

Fruity Booster!
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Volume Booster Lash Primer €2.79
The primer, enriched with acai oil and mango butter, is applied under the mascara and gives the eyelashes extra volume boost. Can be used with any mascara.

Glamor Eyes!
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Glitter Shock Lash & Brow Gel Mascara €2.79
The glitter mascaras in gold, silver and black multi-glitter give eyelashes, eyebrows or hair a surprising glam look.
  • 01 glitterati
  • 02 sparkles and more
  • 03 night sky

Your Beauty Gossip
Crystal Crush Eyeliner €2.49
Eyeliner with black base color and intense, shimmering shimmer particles in gold, blue and green create striking eyeliner. With thin brush applicator for precise and fine lines.
  • 01 fearless
  • 02 breaking dark
  • 03 bad liar

Your Beauty Gossip

Eyeliner Pen Long-lasting €2.49
The long-lasting eyeliner ensures an absolutely precise eyeline in four new bright trend colors.
  • 04 young & free
  • 05 mint rebel
  • 06 break the rules
  • 07 jump & swim

Your Beauty Gossip
Style Up Your Lashes €2.49
The paper-Lashes in feather and mermaid design give the eyelashes an extraordinary look. Also partially wearable by carefully separating individual parts and placing them as highlights at the corners of the eyes, for example. Including eyelash glue.
  • 02 dream lash
  • 01 lash wow

Wow Brows!
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Make Me Brow Eyebrow Powder €2.49
With a special applicator and a light, powdery texture, the eyebrow powder is ideal for filling and shaping the brows. For powerful and accurate wow-brows.
  • 01 brown
  • 02 blonde

Your Beauty Gossip
My Must Haves Eyebrow Powder €1.49
In addition to eyeshadows, lip and face products, two eyebrow powders now feature in the "my must haves" range and offer even more variation when it comes to fitting individual pallets. Easy to insert into the multifunctional pallets with the special click mechanism.
  • 10 my kind of brown
  • 20 bold blond

Your Beauty Gossip

Make-up Corrector Pen €2.79
The fine tip of the correction pen fixes quickly and easily slips in the eye make-up - ideal for eyeliner or eye-art. Perfect for traveling and with three replacement tips.
Your Beauty Gossip
My Must Haves Mirror €1.29
Even more support for the "my must haves" range comes with this mirror. In the size of a mono eyeshadow of the range, it can also be easily clicked into the palette.

Homerun for Your Make up
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Prime + Studio HD HYDRA Primer Spray €3.49
The primer spray with coconut water prepares the skin for a flawless, long-lasting make-up. It refreshes, moisturizes and visually minimizes pores.

You Better Work! Gym-proof Primer €3.49
Look good during the workout: No problem with this primer, which thanks to its sweat-resistant formulation also keeps you in the sport and additionally protects the skin with SPF 20. In addition, the primer visually reduces the pores, conceals impurities and compensates for unevenness - the ideal preparation for a flawless make-up.

Shine on Forever!
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Color up! Shine on Lipstick €2.29
The soft lipstick texture can be reinforced with each order, allowing a discreet or intense look. Twelve colors with a beautiful shine make the Lipsticks your daily companion.
  • 01 polished stone
  • 03 candy heart
  • 04 fudgesicle
  • 05 spicy latte
  • 06 strawberry popsicle
  • 07 crystal polish
  • 08 flaming red
  • 10 rosey glitz
  • 11 creme brulee
  • 12 behind the scenes
  • 13 steal the show!
  • 14 leather vamp

Your Beauty Gossip

Color Boost Vinylicious Liquid Lipstick €2.79
The liquid lipsticks provide high color pigmentation and a stunningly glossy finish reminiscent of molten latex. Available in a cool tube design and a versatile color range.
  • 01 ciao flamingo
  • 02 nude is the new cute
  • 03 pink interest
  • 04 woody rosy
  • 05 lolilolipop
  • 06 barbie's favorite
  • 07 bite me if you can
  • 08 I'll make you blush
  • 09 do not walk just dance
  • 10 I'm dark I'm back

Your Beauty Gossip
This is Me! Nude Lipstick €2.79
Lipsticks in trendy and edgy nude colors with nourishing shea butter and semi-matte finish. Easy job thanks to click mechanism and teardrop texture.
  • 01 sweet milkshake
  • 02 the ocher rocker
  • 03 mute nude
  • 04 retro macaron
  • 05 it's gettin misty
  • 06 be ashy

Your Beauty Gossip
Stay 6h True Lipliner Waterproof €1.99
The soft lip liner with intense color rendering is waterproof and lasts up to six hours on the lips.
  • 01 rose mood
  • 02 brick lane
  • 03 margot please
  • 04 fuchsia bella
  • 05 make me blush
  • 06 taste the red
  • 07 thank you berry much
  • 08 I pink of you
  • 09 ocre matters
  • 10 plum on 

Your Beauty Gosip
Draw the Line! Instant Color lLpliner €1.49
The supple lipliners glide effortlessly over the lips, contour and are color matched to the ultra last instant color lipsticks. With built-in sharpener.
  • 01 sand aside
  • 05 so un-gray-tful
  • 07 undress my lips
  • 08 eternal beauty
  • 10 pink candy
  • 11 cherry sweet
  • 12 head to-ma-toes
  • 14 catch up red
  • 15 burgundy spirit
  • 16 fancy blush
  • 19 purple heart
  • 20 rich mahogany

Tastes Like ...
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Smoothie Gloss €0.99
As trendy as fruity smoothies are the lip glosses in the five fragrances mango, peach, strawberry, raspberry and blackberry - all with medium color opacity.
  • 01 crazy mango
  • 02 sweet peach
  • 03 lovely raspberry
  • 04 crushed strawberry
  • 05 wild blackberry

Your Beauty Gossip
Tint & Color Shot €2.49
The pleasantly light tint texture colors the lips and gives a velvety matte finish with medium opacity and a light feeling of freshness.
  • 01 powerful perfection
  • 02 flowery breeze
  • 03 pink happiness
  • 04 magic calmness
  • 05 classic simplicity

Your Beauty Gossip
Cuddly Cushion Gloss €2.79
The original care secrets of honey and oil, among others, are combined in four rich glosses. The textures merge with the lips and make them supple without sticking. Thanks to the soft sponge applicator, the rotatable lip gloss packaging allows a pleasant application.
  • 01 milky way
  • 02 honey dew
  • 03 oily glow
  • 04 rich butter

Your Beauty Gossip
1, 2, 3 Nice Lips for Me! My Beauty Lip Ritual
"Peel it! Patch it! Prime it! "Is the motto of the new Nursing Ritual for the Lips, which makes them incredibly soft and supple and provides them with valuable ingredients. Step 1: Remove dead skin cells with the creamy peeling. With shea butter for a super smooth result. Step 2: Maintain the lips with the moisturizing and nourishing mask. Absorbs quickly and cools. Step 3: Apply the primer. The buttery texture is intensively nourished with shea butter, macadamia oil and vitamin E, protects with SPF 15 and is the ideal base for applying lipstick.
  • Step 1 peeling €2.29
  • Step 2 mask €0.99
  • Step 3 primer €2.29

Style Your Nails…….
Your Beauty Gossip
Stamp it! Clear Stampy Set €3.49
The placement of your favorite design is particularly easy with the completely transparent silicone ink pad, as all nail artists can see exactly where the pillow needs to be positioned. The set in a cool paper box contains a stamp and a scraper for removing nail polish excesses on the motif.
Your Beauty Gossip
Stamp it! Stampy Design Plate €1.49
Two different templates for countless, insta-worthy nail styles: one with strong girl power designs, the other template with geometric and minimalist motifs for a cool look. How it works: Simply paint a desired nail polish color on the selected motif, pick up with the silicone ink pad and stamp on the nail. 
  • 01 nails just wanna have fun!
  • 02 shapes of glory

Be an Artist….
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Metallic & Glow in the Dark Nail and Finger Tattoos €1.29
Temporary nail and finger tattoos with metallic effects, which shine in the dark when the light shines, make the hands a jewel.
  • 01 let metals go glow

Moonicure Nail Stickers €1.29
Moon Manicure is lighter than ever with the self-adhesive nail stickers in two different crescent motifs and different sizes. If necessary, the stickers can also be cut to size.
  • 01 half moon glam

Nails in Style - Crystal Style €2.99
Transparent "Stiletto Nails" are the mega trend: Simply wear transparent, varnish or decorate with the 19 stickers. There are no limits for your creativity. Apply lightly with the enclosed, transparent adhesive pads.
  • 04 clear for you?

Your Beauty Gossip
Be an Artist! Nail Art Brush Set €2.99
Three brushes in one set enable the most unusual nail art designs. The one-stroke brush is suitable for flowers and abstract elements, the fine brush for precise lines and decorations and the fan brush to mix nuances and create batik patterns.
Your Beauty Gossip
Mermaid Sprinkles Top Coat €1.99
The top coat with large glitter particles in blue-green gives all nail polishes a unique look reminiscent of the mermaid's fins and the iridescent sea lights.
Your Beauty Gossip
Easy to Polish Manicure Helper €2.49
The contour gel keeps the cuticles clean and protects against painting defects - especially in nail art - by applying to the cuticle before the manicure. Allow to dry and varnish. Nail varnish residues can be easily removed later by peeling off the gel.

Take Care of Your Nails……
Your Beauty Gossip
Hydra Nail Care Serum €1.99
The hydrating and moisturizing water-based nail care is specially enriched with aloe vera and ensures healthy-looking nails and cuticles.
Your Beauty Gossip
Fix it! Nail Glue €2.49
The strong nail glue repairs and fixes torn nails or can be used to apply artificial nails or nail art designs. Suitable for all nail types.
Your Beauty Gossip
Tropical Hand Mousse €2.49
Moisturizing hand mousse enriched with monoi oil and aloe vera. The moussige, non-greasy texture nourishes hands and nails and leaves a soft feeling and an exotic scent.

Little Helpers!
Your Beauty Gossip
Bronzer Brush €3.49
Brush with fine hair and sharpened shape for the perfect application of bronzing powder, as the brush at an angle optimally fits in the cheek area.

Flat Contouring Brush €3.49
Contouring like a pro! The special, flat shape with short hairs precisely applies powdery or creamy contouring textures and is particularly well suited to blending dark colors.

Make up Buffer Brush €3.49
The flat brush surface is perfect for creamy and fluid textures, whether make-up, bronzer, blush or even day cream. Apply for a particularly flawless look with dabbing motions.

Flat Powder Brush €3.49
The brush with very soft, long hair was developed especially for the application of pressed or loose powder. The fan shape provides a large application area for fixing the make-up - quickly and easily.

Make-up and Baking Sponge €2.99
The small latex-free sponge is suitable for the make-up technique "Baking" and when wet for a flawless mission of Foundation. The bevelled side is used for "beacons", the rounded side to incorporate make-up.
Your Beauty Gossip
Smudging Brush €1.49
The brush with dense, short hair makes for smoky looks. It helps to blur the eyeshadow on the upper and lower eyelashes and is also ideal for creating trendy ombré looks on the lips.

Angled Crease Brush €1.49
The beveled eyeshadow brush helps to create the cat-eye look very easy by gently fading the eyeshadow in the eyelid crease and creating a shadow contour.

The Sili Helpers - Make-up Protector €1.79
The make-up protector helps to prevent mistakes in eye make-up and guarantee a flawless result. The shape adapts perfectly to the upper or lower eye shape and serves as a protective shield, if sometimes something goes wrong texture.

Brush Sleeves  €1.79
The covers ensure that brush hairs retain their shape after washing or while traveling and provide protection. 10 pieces in one pack: Five large sleeves for large brushes and five small sizes, ideal for smaller brushes, such as eyeshadow brushes.

I Love my Brushes Cleansing Gel & Tool €2.49 each
The ultimate duo for cleaning brushes. Put a drop of Cleansing Gel along with a little water on the Cleansing Tool, rotate the brush in it to release deep-seated makeup remnants. The pimples of the cleansing tool thoroughly clean the brushes and remove make-up and dirt.

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