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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Anastasia Beverly Hills Set to Launch Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette

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Anastasia Beverly Hills has launched their brand new Soft Glam eyeshadow palette before its release this coming March.

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News of the new palette was announced early then planned, thanks to a Swedish website leaking images and information before its official launch. Claudia Soare Anastasia Beverly Hills president got ahead of the situation and took it to Instagram and Twitter to unveil the new product along with some explanation of what happened:

The new palette includes natural, soft and romantic tones and is a kind of soft version of the Modern Renaissance Palette. Inspired by Claudia Soare’s mother, the founder of the brand, Anastasia Soer

"I made this palette for my mother, she likes neutral natural tones - 
I used to look at the same shades in her makeup drawers since I was little”. 

Featuring fourteen essential shades, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Eye Shadow Palette is the perfect collection of easy-to-blend, full pigment shadows. With a long lasting formula, this palette is complete with bronze metallics and iridescent finishes ideal for a nighttime look and neutral mattes for daytime.

Seven of the eyeshadows are all new, while Rose Pink, Glistening, Tempera, Burnt Orange, and Cyprus Umber have been borrowed from the Modern Renaissance Palette. The rest of the shades are Soare’s favorite Eyeshadow Singles. The formula is described as butter-soft and extremely blendable.

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  • Tempera - Ultra-matte velvety beige
  • Glistening - Iridescent gold with a hint of pink reflect
  • Orange Soda - Ultra-matte pastel peach
  • Rose Pink - Rose gold with a soft pink iridescent hue
  • Sultry - A hybrid satin metallic finish warm chocolate brown
  • Bronze - Metallic gold bronze
  • Mulberry - Ultra-matte mulberry
  • Dusty Rose - Ultra-matte dusty lilac
  • Fairy - Multi-imensional light gold
  • Burnt Orange - Ultra-matte deep orange
  • Sienna - Ultra-matte earthy brown
  • Rustic - Ultra-matte deep cinnamon brown
  • Cyprus Umber   Ultra-matte dark coffee
  • Noir - Ultra-matte deep carbon black

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette is available now online at ABH and will be released March 6th to online stores and March 10th to ABH counters worldwide, priced at €35.00

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