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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Wet n Wild Limited Edition Get Cushy

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Wet n Wild Get Cushy is a fresh, cheerful, dynamic collection, aimed towards young, trendy girls and women. Displayed in colourful manga-inspired packaging reminiscent of the Japanese comics.

The new limited edition Get Cushy evokes summer, the colours and joys of the season, in key fairy tale and cartoon characters, and does so through the inspiration Manga, a famous Japanese comic character appreciated by young women.

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Wet n Wild Get Cushy owes its name to the packaging which sees the “cushion” as a key part, both to contain and preserve the product and to apply it with ease. 
Your Beauty Gossip
The colour correctors Mega Cushion Colour Correctors are available in green, peach, yellow and lavender colour to provide solutions for each problem area. They offer extremely light, uniform application and targeting common skin imperfections.
  • Purple - Eliminates the pallor, the yellowness and the pale colour!
  • Yellow - It eliminates the dullness and creates a natural look!
  • Peach - Eliminates dark circles and blemishes!
  • Green - Eliminates redness and pimples!

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The Matte Lip Creams lasting lip contain Shea butter which gives a wet, soft and creamy texture and easy to use thanks to its cushion applicator.
  • Melon It like It Is
  • Bubblegum In Paradise
  • Doll So Hard 
The Get Crushy limited edition is now available in store, while supplies last.

MeganCushion Colour Corrector (4 shades) - €5.95
MeganCushion Matte Lip Cream (3 shades) - €4.95


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